Would Manjaro i3 Community be alright to use on my Raspberry Pi 4b with 4gb ram?

I was wondering if Manjaro i3 would be good to use on the raspberry pi 4b with 4gb ram as I have not used that Manjaro edition before. Looking for a lightweight wm good for the device.

If there is an ARM image for it and you like i3, then sure.

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Thank you.

The links to i3 for raspberry pi are broken, I believe, but sway is available for it. I’ve tried it and sway works on the 4gb version.



Ah is that true?
Erm … I am not sure I remember who handles it or who to ping … I think @Chrysostomus has fingers in the ARM stuff though.

Well, it was a while ago I tried the manjaro-arm-installer for i3, and that broke before completing. Today, the i3 page for pi is still gone from the manjaro.org menu. There may be some other way to get i3, and I’m not knocking it by any means, but I don’t find a build out there.

Update: I don’t find sway under the menus either for raspberry pi, but the link still exists:

Are they trying to tell us something?

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I reported the other day about Manjaro Sway installer getting an error and one of the ARM team members were saying that there was a change to the installer and an investigation was launched into it. So I’m guessing it may show back up sometime to download. https://forum.manjaro.org/t/manjaro-sway-setup-failed-for-raspberry-pi-4b-any-idea-why-this-is/95296


Fix has been found and a new Sway installer is created in the coming days.


Thank you.

For x86 side, Oberon did the i3. Neither of us does much with arm afaik.

Sway edition is much better maintained on arm side, I would recommend it because it is a i3 clone on wayland, and actively maintained by multiple developers. It probably has most hands on it outside the gnome edition.


I’ll wait for the Sway edition to be downloadable again. Thanks for the info.

There is the option to build your own images, see: [Wiki] How to contribute to Manjaro ARM

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Thanks, I’ll check this out.