Manjaro Sway setup failed for Raspberry Pi 4B, any idea why this is?

I decompressed the download file then I installed it to my flash drive using Raspberry Pi Imager. The setup also failed on several SD Cards.

Looks like there was a change to the calamares installer that wasn’t on my the radar. Started investigation already.


For those of you eagerly waiting to download a new sway image: I just created a new release build of sway 21.12 for Pinebook, Pinebook Pro and RPI here → Release 21.12 · appelgriebsch/sway-images · GitHub

Tested it on my Pinebook Pro and installer issue is solved.

Merry X-mas…


Big thanks!

I tried to install both Plasma and Sway versions on my Pinebook Pro yesterday and got the very same problem as the author.

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