Wish we had Matcha theme back

Wish we had Matcha theme back.
Accent colors do not solve the ugliness, amateurism, outdated feel and inconstitencies of adwaita theme.

It’s just a plaster on a wooden leg.

Y’know, you don’t have to use the theme if you don’t like it. that’s the beauty of Linux - choice…but that also means you have to do something yourself.

Gnome has many themes available:

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Maybe the thread will be more useful if you specify which matcha on witch platform. Because there are 3 different matcha packages in the repo and another 11 in aur.

This thread was broken out of one that was 8 months old. The problem in the beginning is that Gnome updated and libadwita was introduced messing up the theme in an old install. Unless the op has reinstalled to a newer version of Gnome (that has libadwaita themes already installed) the problem of some applications and parts of the OS under libadwaita and some under a legacy theme will still be there. The solution is still the same as the original problem.

  1. Find a libadwaita theme that matches the legacy one they have and install it to ~/.config/gtk-4.0
  2. Find a new theme with libadwaita and install it and copy the /usr/share/themes/“theme name”/gtk-4.0 to ~/.config/gtk-4.0.
  3. Reinstall Gnome to a newer version.

So your crystall ball thinks OP whants matcha for gtk4 specifically? Maybe. Who knows. The OP did not specify. Would be the wrong use of “back” because matcha was never there (or any other theme that is not adwaita for that matter)

Excellent. I love a good rant.


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Given the original thread, and the category of this post … as well as all the mentions of libadwaita and gnome-tweaks… I think its pretty safe to assume its Gnome.

It also appears OP does not understand the Gnome model or its more recent standards.
(maybe coming from a frozen pool distro that used an older gnome?)

Unfortunately, you are wrong.
Yes, it was the beauty of Linux. And yes, I have to use their theme now, any way it’s been recolored.

Nerd Gnome devs and their closed-mindedness down from their bunker have decided to change that choice you were mentioning through libadwaita, basically forcing us to use crappy adwaita and leave us with a moronic recoloring API, that doesn’t allow us to use proper themes instead of their ugly take at theming, made from dev folks’ basement.

Matcha is a much more consistent, contrasted and legible theme in my opinion, and I would like to keep using it properly.
But maintaining such themes with the libadwaita lockdown is really difficult, and it breaks a little further with every new Gnome version.


I’m talking about Matcha which used to be Manjaro default theme, and is now replaced by the adwaita-maia theme, which is just recoloring of adwaita, keeping all its inconsistencies and horrid look. It’s kind of the worst theme out there.

Sure, Matcha will still work relatively well for Budgie and other DEs not based on GTK4, although with lots of GTK4 apps issues. But I was indeed talking about Gnome.

It was still working more or less decently on Gnome 44 when overriding ~/.config/gtk-4.0/ but with Gnome 45, it’s a horrid mess. See capture above.

So your crystall ball thinks OP whants matcha for gtk4 specifically? Maybe. Who knows. The OP did not specify. Would be the wrong use of “back” because matcha was never there (or any other theme that is not adwaita for that matter)

He has a good crystall ball, although it’s not really a crystal ball. It was obvious in the topic I was replying to.
It was also the proper topic to use, I don’t know why they created a new one out of it and removed all the context, making me look like an idiot. :person_facepalming:

Yes, this is what I want and the theme is currently broken under Gnome 45 even when overriding gtk4 bits, as mentioned above

Actually, @Mirdarthos was correct in that you do have a choice – Choose another compatible theme more to your liking. Notice my emphasis on compatible; with Gnome 45 all previous themes are not. That said, all applicable themes in Manjaro’s repos are already updated for Gnome 45 compatibility.

Asinine paragraphs like this will certainly not win you any favours.

Topics are often moved; and for many different reasons. However, my guess is this case is that it may have been moved due to your obvious tendency to rant; which is generally not desired in a forum.

I’ll finish here with simplicity: The theme is not broken in Gnome 45, it’s no longer compatible; there’s a huge difference. This fact is documented, if you cared enough to actually read the usual announcements.

You should remove all previous unsupported themes, and move on with your life. Smell the roses; enjoy the breeze; whatever helps you get through the day. :mushroom:



Nope. It is. You don’t have to if you’re willing to put in some work.

I have absolute no doubt the Gnome version Manjaro provides has a beautiful theme. I also have no doubt the KDE one, or for that matter the Xfce one is also excellent.

However, I’ve not seen it. Well, I suppose I did, way back when I installed Manjaro, but cannot remember what it looks like anymore. I’ve changed and customized it constantly over the last ±3 years. I’m sure it in no way resembles the Manjaro theme any more.

Like I said, you don’t have to use it. But to use something else will require some work by yourself. It’s a choice. And, regarding:

In what way was it? Because that means it’s not any more. And that’s just plain bulldoodoo.

It is a lot more customizeable than Windows.

Gnome != Linux.

Also, I don’t use Gnome or GTK or anything like that, so this is not out of loyalty that I “defend” them.

Software changes with time. Humans changes with time. Our clothing styles change. Out eyesight might worsen. We have to adapt. Both to the realities of change in our life, as well as to the changes in the software.

So basically, chin up, back straight, face this, win it and don’t complain that things are not the same.

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There is no such thing as a compatible theme. They made it impossible. What you mention is a recolored adwaita, they’re not themes. Please don’t comment when you don’t know.

Only person to rant here is you. Move on if you have nothing to contribute to a comment I made expressing a wish, comment that made sense in the context, but is now over-the-top as a whole topic.

I read the announcements, but once again, this has nothing to do with what I’m saying.

Idiots like you would obviously tell others to move on. You like to do what you are told, and maybe it works well for you to do what others tell you to. So please go talk to your mama now and leave adults talking.
Either you write something interesting about the topic and for which you have at least some clue about, or you abstain. You’re the kind who should abstain more often, visibly.

I don’t recall if we can block people here, will look into doing it with you.

Yes, this is achievable. Have at it.

Thank you for your comments.

Can I borrow that sometime?

Going in circles here. It’s still not possible in Gnome.

Manjaro does a good job at working with a crappy base. So does Ubuntu. But, as I mentioned (and the purpose of the reason why I wish for a proper Matcha theme to be working), it’s still a plaster on a wooden leg. The basis is bad, you can only try to correct what you can.

That was not the point. Once again, in the previous topic, this would have made a lot more sense.
Gonna split here for understanding purpose: it is for most reasonable DEs on Linux, it is not for Gnome anymore.
I don’t see why you even mention Windows, I don’t use it.

See above, this was obvious I was refering to Gnome. That would have avoided a lot of this discussion if the topic had not been broken down in such a weird and random way.

As for changing, I change and adapt all the time. Don’t know why people slighlty close-minded always assume if you can’t adapt to something, it’s just resistance to change. You need to broaden your horizons and stop making generalities. I don’t have to adapt when it reduces the quality of my experience. I do it glady when it improves it. :slight_smile:

You’re more than welcome!


Well, i can understand the rant of the OP, but firstly, it should be targeted at GNOME. And secondly…there is a choice. There are at least 3 major DEs (GNOME, XFCE, KDE) and gazillion things inbetween. Hell, there are even window managers if you want to omit the DE completely.

You can always switch to some other DE. I was using gnome2, they threw out ver3 and i switched to xfce. Was using KDE3 at some point, they came with plasma and i switched. I was fan of init.d, systemd came out and i…went with the flow this time. But i know there are alternatives, even for a rolling distro. I was using Xubuntu, then they came with the snaps and i switched, again, to a rolling release arch distro.

It is not like you don’t have a choice.


I was using Ubuntu. Then I came across praise for Manjaro. So I read up, did some investigation, and switched.

Second Best. Decision. Ever!

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Yeah, that’s a very common answer. A lazy answer though, ignoring so many things and factors.
You can always change your house because you have some mold in the kitchen.
You can always change your wife because her new haircut is bad.
You’ll get the gist, I’m sure.
Every DE has its own strengths and weaknesses, if you change of DE every time you see something that bothers you, you can stop using computers altogether right about now.

Once again, it was just a simple comment I made for a wish I have (resurfacing at each Gnome version upgrade since libadwaita), now it’s getting completely out of context and proportion, especially with a couple simpletons who have ruined it. Sadly.

“Simpletons”, as you call them, who hasn’t stooped to calling other people stupid…then I’m glad to be in the simpletons category.

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It seems too unfocused and volatile, to me, however, I understand the frustration of change.

Matcha was one of my goto themes, at one point; probably when I used Xfce. It was generally well-conceived, tidy, and the colour choice being consistent with Manjaro’s overall branding was a nice touch.

I’ve never been a fan of Gnome; at least not since … GTK2, I suppose, after which time the GUI started to become too opinionated for my liking. That, in itself, doesn’t seem to have changed even with the most recent iterations.

Currently, I use KDE and the Breeze theme; albeit with minimal modification; and that’s satisfactory for my taste. Taste can be a difficult beast to tame, when it comes to keeping everybody satisfied, but choices have to be made in order to move forward.

Sometimes, changes are made which force us to leave behind the comfort of familiar things; in this case, it’s Gnome making such a change.

If KDE made such a change; and as I have insufficient development experience to offer anything overly useful to the project, I too would need to adapt accordingly.

So be it; that’s life.

What was the first? :person_shrugging:

I’m forced to agree. I feel privileged.

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