Beautiful distro, terrible theme

Hi. I like manjaro very much . expecially the gnome version. problem is I find the default theme and colors a little too much heavy for my taste. I like the cleanliness of fedora or debian . so I tried in every way to get rid of the default one with gnome tweaks but there is this weird behaviour that gnome fìles and gnome settings don’t change the theme while all the rest seems to behave right. I wonder what are the specifics on manjaro gnome desktop that differ for changing gnome theme like in fedora or debian.

The problem might be libadwaita. Gnome is moving towards it controlling the theme. But not every application uses it. So you need a libadwaita and a legacy theme. If you want more info check out one of my pages on it.

yes but… why only manjaro? usually with gnome tweaks you can arrange the theme and the legacy theme. but only on manjaro this doesnt affect gnome files and gnome settings.

It may be the Gnome version of the distro. Libadwaita was introduced in Gnome 42, and had taken over more applications with each release. It also depends on the work the distro makes in matching the themes. I recommend changing the libadwaita theme to one that matches your legacy theme. Gnome tweeks can not set libadwaita themes. Libadwaita themes are changed by placing the libadwaita theme you want to use in ~/.config/gtk-4.0

You can apply default gnome to your system using the layout manager

You can change the appearance using Tweaks > Appearance, and accent colours via Extension.

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