Wireguard Support

I’ve checked the arch-linux instructions on setting up Wireguard - but honestly I’m stuck at the beginning…

First - Can’t seem to be able to install any wireguard gui client… I did install wireguard-tools, which I guess installed (?) and arch-linux writeup said to install qomui (which doesn’t install)…

This is the documentation I’m using - perhaps it is out of date?: Archlinux Wireguard

Any pointers to documentation or support would be great!

(note: what I’m REALLY trying to solve is putting my home laptop on wireguard - same as my android phone - so I can use KDE Connect when on wireguard)…

Network Manager already support Wireguard. Just go to your network settings and create new Wireguard connection.

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Are you using a VPN service provider, or are you hosting your own VPN?

If it’s the former, then the provider (Mullvad, Surfshark, etc) will offer their own GUI software, scripts, and/or config generator.

in case you got your connection setting as a wireguard-profile, then import it into the network-manager using

$ sudo nmcli connection import type wireguard file <path-to-wireguard-profile>

the profile should now be available under your network connections icon in system tray.

I also have wireguard both on android and Kde. Kde connect simply don’t work with wireguard. You have to disconnect wireguard temporarely to use Kde connect.

Seems to be a general VPN issue, not just wireguard.

See below bug report:


My thougth is there is no connection between wireguard implemented in the kernel and Kde connect, therefore it would not work at the same time. I can be wrong.

For kde connect to work you need to be on the same network.

As soon as you connect your system to a VPN wireguard or otherwise - your network changes to the VPN network and you are disconnected from the network your phone is connected to.

That is expected behaviour.

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Add another IP on your NIC, that’s not in WIreguard’s AllowedIPs list? :man_shrugging:

I was hoping (going to test) that by putting both devices (android/manjaro laptop) on the same vpn network - that would work. (I am using my own VPN)

Likely it won’t but wanted to test it. Also - would like to have wireguard vpn working when not at home and using my pc

This image was perfect - thanks!