Adding Wireguard VPN config using GUI

Sorry if it is a partial copy of another topic. Like this one. I have created a VPN on VPS. Adding client config file just works on android and windows with GUI, but on Manjaro KDE i have to use console command “wg-quick up”. I want to open issue somewhere or report it, but i don’t know where and how. I just don’t know which repo, forum or issue tracker, is related to this potential bug.
Thanks in advance.

In KDE it’s possible via GUI, see my another reply:

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I tried one lower then you point to, called “Import VPN Connection” because option “Wireguard” is not for file import. But profile imported using this option is not working. (if i type “wg”, i can see packets sent, but not received). if i import it using “wg-quick up” everything is okay. Also OpenVPN config files is working using GUI. I’m only having problems with Wireguard.