Wired shadow line

There is a wired shadow line in the bottom of the desktop and websites, and I don’t know how it happens and how to make it normal. I need help from you guys. I want to post the picture but I don’t have the permission. So, can you guys get what I mean?

Did you install or use compton/picom recently (or another compositor)?

To tell the truth: I haven’t noticed the line before, maybe it existed from the initial of my computer setting up, not changed recently.
The line located about 2~3 cms from the bottom of the full screen from left to right.
and I find when I click on the “manjaro” botton, there isn’t shadow line in the menu.

Do you use a Dock at the bottom? If so disable the shadow for it in the compositor settings for Xfce.


If you’re using a dock, as mentioned by @xabbu above, open Settings Manager → Window Manager Tweaks → Compositor (tab) and uncheck the option called Show shadows under dock windows.



That’s it. Disable the “plank” app solves the problem.
Thanks a lot.

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