Windows Installer like WUBI for Manjaro

Dear Manjaro Team,

I tried to make a bootable USB Stick with balenaether…but unfortunately it is not working. I would like to have a new Linux Partion next to my windows. Is there a program to make it idiot save like WUBI?
help.ubuntu .com/community/Wubi

Would love to have this to spread Manjaro to a lot more users who do not know about all the Bootable Stuff.

Best regards from Holzhausen,

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Welcome at the Manjaro forum, Hansi :tada:

Have you tried ventoy?

More tips can be found in this thread:


Wubi has been dead for years:

Wubi requires Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

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I would like to have a solution WITHOUT USB Stick. Installation as Easy as a Video Game.

  1. Create a new Partition
  2. Install Manjaro within Windows (Select if you want Gaming already Installed,…)
  3. Reboot PC and select Manjaro.

No ISO. No USB. Just an Installation File and Ready to Rumble.

The other solution that completely complies with your requirements is to buy a computer that comes with Manjaro Pre-installed:

  • No USB stick
  • Nothing to set up
  • No ISO file


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Installation as Easy as a Video Game.

Maybe virtual machine would fit your needs then?

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