Windows 11 scratched Manjaro boot : no dual boot anymore

Hi, I installed Manjaro on two HP Victus
I originally installed Debian on the second one, but W11 made it’s boot entry desapear.
I thus decided to have both on Manjaro (amongst other reasons because the Manjaro dual did seem to stay alive on the other one.

This morning, I finished settings on the W11 part of the second one, then shutdown to start on it’s Manjaro session.
… No Manjaro boot entry anymore !! :roll_eyes:


The other one is ok (until now…)


How can I recover avoiding full reinstall ?
How can I make sure this doen’t happen again ?

Hello @nam1962 :wink:

My humble opinion: you have to deal with that. The only thing you can do is offer the possibility, but you can’t predict how Windows will behave.

Windows is designed from the start to be the only thing that exists.

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Without a guarantee that it’ll work, boot up from the Manjaro installer medium ─ CD/DVD or USB stick ─ in live mode. Open up a terminal window and then issue the following commands… :arrow_down:

sudo su -
manjaro-chroot -a

Pick your Manjaro installation from the list if you are prompted to do so. Then issue the following commands… :arrow_down:

grub-install --recheck

It should now be safe to reboot. However, you may encounter more difficulties if Windows has messed with your EFI variables. Also make sure that Fast Boot and Secure Boot are disabled in the UEFI firmware settings.

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Hi thank you both for caring.

@Aragorn Prior to your commands I disabled the fast startup:

(source 4. here)

I now start on Manjaro… But have no choice to boot W$ anymore ! :sweat_smile:
How could I fix this ?

Sounds like it is fixed perfectly!

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Normally, if you have the following in /etc/default/grub:arrow_down:


… then Windows should be added to the GRUB boot menu. If it is set to true, then change it to false and run… :arrow_down:

sudo update-grub

Also make sure that you have the following line near the top of /etc/default/grub before saving the file. :arrow_down:


Thank U thas was it !

Hint on how to avoid for sure a repeat ?

Um, not using Microsoft Windows? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, as has been stated already, Microsoft Windows always wants to claim the entire computer for itself, with complete disregard for anything else that’s installed on it. :man_shrugging:

Remove Windoofs and go Linux only!

I usually avoid totally W$
In this case two issues:

  1. Quite recent hardware with certain important Bios upgrades to come (better off with W$ & HP soft to do the upgrade)
  2. As these are pro PCs, keep the possibility to use Dedicated W$ software.

I could try the other way around with a W$ VM on Gnome Boxes, but.

  • does Machines work with W11
  • could a VM take care of point 1 & 2 ?

Keeping Windows on a separate drive might help.

  • I guess a VM should run Win11 - try it.
  • Can’t you download the new BIOS file and use BIOS to upgrade it?
  • Windows on a VM should behave the same as a standard install, but remember it is a virtual machine, so the hardware may be running virtually as well. The limitations will be the settings for the VM.

Man I hate windows. My work forces us to use it, it’s such hot garbage.

RIP your Manjaro install.

I use a Windoze 11 on a Vbox VM, and it works perfectly.
In fact I edited and rendered a 1080p video in Adobe Premiere recently on a 8GB RAM laptop (I know right, what an idiot :sweat_smile:), so I would recommend using a VM; that way none of the Windoze garbage will land on your main system.
Unless you need your GPU in Windoze then that may be an issue…

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Nice experience, I have questions on that:

  • Where did you grab the iso?
  • Where did you get the serial (on my Victus, it’s OEM and I see absolutely no sticker)
  • How much space did you allocate ?

Would that work on Machines ? (I have bad memories of Virtualbox)

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1- From here.
2- Cracked it, that’s the best way I can show my love to Microsoft :grin:

  • The disk space: 60GB then 100GB
  • RAM: 4.9GB (on a 8GB machine), 8GB (on a 20GB machine)

That depends on your specs.

Well, thank you !

As I have OEM license, I fount the way to get the serial & key :

I’ll test next week (Awaiting for a 1To crucial SSD)

Btw, I also make use of this article : :wink:

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