Windows 10 disappeared when using Grub Customizer


Windows 10 (in Legacy mode) disappeared in GRUB menu after the stable update 2021-03-08, if you used Grub Customizer.
But /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober was changed after the update.

Then run sudo update-grub, done!

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Please do not use grub-customizer. Manjaro uses a customized GRUB, and grub-customizer breaks that. The old forum was full of issues caused by grub-customizer, and there are some that have already been reported again here at the new forum as well.

grub-customizer was designed to work with a plain vanilla GRUB, not with Manjaro.


How to reset the “default” GRUB:

  1. Remove grub-customizer
  2. sudo mv /etc/grub.d /etc/grub.d.old
  3. sudo rm -rf /etc/grub-customizer
  4. Reinstall grub
  5. sudo update-grub
  6. reboot
  7. If it works fine, then you can delete the old directory /etc/grub.d.old.

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