Window os not showing in bootloader

hello . i dual booted my laptop with windows 8 and manjaro . first the boot loader wasn’t showing which i solved using sudo nano /etc/default/grub , timeout_style = menu , sudo update grub … but windows is not showing in the bootloader …

boot loader shows
1 . manjaro linux
2. manjaro advanced option
3. UEFI settings
4. memory testing

plss help

Use the same method and check/change the setting of:

is your Windows also installed in UEFI mode, like Manjaro appears to be?
It would make sense to use the same method for both, IMO.

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thank you for your time …
in the settings of grub it shows

Uncomment this option to enable os-prober execution in the grub-mkconfig comm>


  1. yes windows is installed in UEFI mode

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This is how you wrote it:

which means it is already uncommented
and os-prober should run and detect your Windows installation.
Why it doesn’t I have no idea.
Post hardware info (inxi -Fazy for instance)

would be commented (the # sign in front)

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Also, have a look at:

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