Will LTS kernel upgrade Manjaro's version the same way the latest non-LTS kernel does

The kernel updates to the latest version available. eg. you are now on 5.10.x so receive updates to 5.10.x until 5.10’s EOL.

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@Hanzel my question is in My second post after @manyroads . The massive paragraph. It is also there at the start of the forum. I hope i have explained my question. thanks for the first one

You already answered yourself.

You just receive updates. If you have kernel XX, then kernel XX receives updates as they come (unless kernel XX doesn’t exist anymore).

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you mean the same goes for the LTS kernel ? ( i was talking about rolling release kernel in the first one )

That is exactly as I said,.

there is

sudo mhwd-kernel -l
available kernels:
   * linux414
   * linux419 (LTS )
   * linux44 ( LTS)
   * linux49 (LTS)
   * linux510 ( LTS)
   * linux511
   * linux512 ( RC)
   * linux54 (LTS) 
   * linux59 ( EOF only for RT)
   * linux54-rt
   * linux59-rt

so for a recent pc , it can be version 5.10 LTS and version 511
version 5.12 is only for RC , not for production

when you update , you update for all version kernel installed

you have the choice on Grub Boot ( Esc → advanced section )
for choose boot kernel

if you see * then it’s version retained from last good boot kernel successful

when kernels 512 Stable will appears and 511 is EOF ,
then kernels 512 will be to add by yourself , and remove 5.11 ( always for EOF ) after

sry dude but i wasnt talking about security patches. I was talking from moving to one version of manjaro to another

There is no Manjaro version, already explained it is a label. Literally one number in a file, just a reference but there is no Manjaro version per say. The ‘version’ in Manjaro is just the state of packages at this point in time. As it is a rolling release operating system, it just receives package updates all the time.

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well, what do you call manjaro ornara
i call it manjaro version 21 for short

OK I’m done this thread is going nowhere.

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forget whatever i wrote above
just tell me one thing -
if i write “sudo pacman -Syyu” on konsole with a LTS kernel on manjaro 20.2.1, after a reboot will i have manjaro 21 ornara ?

my brain hurts actually…

Yes, the kernel version is irrelevant. As others have said you can install whichever kernel you want that is currently supported.

I have 5.11 and 5.10 installed.

Manjaro Settings Manager > Kernel

manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_kernel

If the update includes package manjaro-release that package will change the text in a system file to confirm system has the same package versions as the latest ISO release

cat etc/lsb-release

it is actually. LTS kernel is not rolling release and
specifically only mentioned rolling release
“Manjaro is on a rolling release cycle, so you never have to download a new version of Manjaro or worry about your current install reaching its end of life.”
but yeah thanks ! a good “yes” is exactly what i wanted to hear.

Any LTS kernel will get security updates for as long as it’s supported.

I meant it’s irrelevant to Manjaro being considered up-to-date. You could have kernel 4.19 installed and it would still be Manjaro 21.

i wanted to make sure if the update package with a LTS kernel contains ‘manjaro-release’

I think you’re considering Manjaro to be like a point release distro. In Manjaro the kernels become available when they are ready, they don’t have to coincide with a major release.

i know that but in linux mint i had to go in a big process to update from19.3 to 20 and i was using LTS in mint
i was wondering if i needed to go in the same process in manjaro

version number text updated for me last week ( 25/03/21)

$ pamac info manjaro-release
Name                  : manjaro-release
Version               : 21.0-1
Description           : Manjaro's release definition
URL                   : https://manjaro.org/
Licences              : GPL2
Repository            : core
Installed Size        : 105 bytes
Depends On            : lsb-release
Packager              : Philip Mueller <philm@manjaro.org>
Build Date            : 18/03/21
Install Date          : 25/03/21
Install Reason        : Explicitly installed
Signatures            : Yes