Will LTS kernel upgrade Manjaro's version the same way the latest non-LTS kernel does

it is actually. LTS kernel is not rolling release and
specifically only mentioned rolling release
“Manjaro is on a rolling release cycle, so you never have to download a new version of Manjaro or worry about your current install reaching its end of life.”
but yeah thanks ! a good “yes” is exactly what i wanted to hear.

Any LTS kernel will get security updates for as long as it’s supported.

I meant it’s irrelevant to Manjaro being considered up-to-date. You could have kernel 4.19 installed and it would still be Manjaro 21.

i wanted to make sure if the update package with a LTS kernel contains ‘manjaro-release’

I think you’re considering Manjaro to be like a point release distro. In Manjaro the kernels become available when they are ready, they don’t have to coincide with a major release.

i know that but in linux mint i had to go in a big process to update from19.3 to 20 and i was using LTS in mint
i was wondering if i needed to go in the same process in manjaro

version number text updated for me last week ( 25/03/21)

$ pamac info manjaro-release
Name                  : manjaro-release
Version               : 21.0-1
Description           : Manjaro's release definition
URL                   : https://manjaro.org/
Licences              : GPL2
Repository            : core
Installed Size        : 105 bytes
Depends On            : lsb-release
Packager              : Philip Mueller <philm@manjaro.org>
Build Date            : 18/03/21
Install Date          : 25/03/21
Install Reason        : Explicitly installed
Signatures            : Yes

Linux Mint is not a rolling release so it is not similar to Manjario

thanks ( • ω • )/
you cleared my doubts

Mint is a point release distribution, all you need to do to keep Manjaro up-to-date is

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

New/additional kernels can be easily installed via a GUI or CLI.

i seeeeee
thanks for info


wait hold on. Is’nt LTS kernel a point release ?
i have read that LTS kernel has less frequent updates and rolling release has updates nearly everyday

As far as I know there’s no such thing as a rolling release kernel.

The only difference between a normal kernel and an LTS kernel is the length of time they are supported.

version kernel release
update coming from 3 to 5 days

patches or fix in validation

thanks just needed to clear

I realize this can be very confusing, especially at first.

It’s important to always know and remember that Manjaro’s version has absolutely nothing to do with the Linux kernel version.

$ cat /etc/lsb-release

As can be seen here, I’m running Manjaro version 21. Yet,

$ uname -r

as is evident, I’m using the Linux Kernel version 5.10. So it’s evident that they’re not the same thing.

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