Will installing firedragon destroy everything?

The AUR marks xwayland as necessairy but I’m afraid of being unable to logging out/rebooting into a terminal-only display on my monitor if I install it…

I don’t see xwayland listed as a dependency of firedragon. It only lists gtk3 as a dependency. :thinking:

I do. :wink:

xorg-server-xwayland is only a build dependency.

Then don’t install it. :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, building a browser from source can take several hours.

@aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, if you want a Firefox clone that has been patched for use with Plasma, then please look at this thread below. It lists the alternatives, as well as the ones that are available as readily installable binary packages. :arrow_down:

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Building from source ensures it works with Manajro and not just useless Arch

Thanks, I hope it’s more extensive than alternativeto’s listing of “firefox-based-browsers” for linux…