WiFi Connection Failures

So, I just finished setting up my new PC, transferred my old HDD into the new PC to be a temporary OS (it has a secondary HDD and an SDD that will be for the new OS, Windows 10, when I can install it)
And because of the transfer, my WiFi won’t work. I deleted the connection, however now O can’t add a new one. It’s asking me to create a WiFi connection, so I don’t exactly know how to join one
It’s a slew of problems

And I also finally looked into the Kernel and it turns out my PC has been running an unsupported version of Manjaro, Linux 5.9.16-1… which it won’t allow me to change, for now

And I think the version also gives context as to the issues

But anyways yeah, main issue is it won’t allow me to join a network, telling me to create one… I can’t even join old networks
Idk what to do at this point since I’m pretty sure I also need WiFi to change the version of Manjaro

Lets start there.

Do you have any other kernels installed?

mhwd-kernel -li

If not try to install one:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux515

When booting you should have the option to select kernel at grub.

If you do not see grub attempt hitting Esc to show it.

You can query your currently running kernel to be sure:

uname -a

Once you are in a supported kernel you will want to remove the old one:

sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux59

From there we should attempt full upgrade:

sudo pacman -Syu

Then please also see this post for sharing system info (post your inxi):

I already figured it out
Turns out that the motherboard didn’t have a WiFi card, which the person who made me the list kinda overlooked