Widgets - can no longer access

Just upgraded to Kernel: 5.15.65-1-MANJARO …

Strange that my desktop “Trash” widget disappeared and that when trying to “Add Widgets” the screen hesitates for a moment, makes panels disappear/reappear, but no access to Widget menu ever appears.

Can’t seem to get access to desktop Widgets through menus, right-click on screen/context menu, or by entering “edit mode” of the desktop.

Not a killer problem - but very strange and leaves me wondering what else might not function in connection with this oddity.

Any else have this experience? Suggestions?

check this:

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@brahma Thank you! I did spot this post, but since I’m not having any freezing or crashing, I didn’t think it necessary to take the leap to blowing away all of my other settings to try this solution.

In my situation, trying to access Widgets simply gets ignored.

But perhaps I need to take that more drastic step of reinstalling defaults and building up everything I’m used to using from scratch … ugh :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Alternatively, perhaps I should wait for 5.25.6 :wink:

you should have checked also the link that is there, the solution was to remove the global menu …

Okay, this shows how lame I’ve gotten … for the life of me I cannot locate anything called “Global Menu” … if it’s a widget to be removed, how do I remove it if I cannot access any widgets? :thinking:

If I can find it I’ll be happy to delete it.

im not using it, but if you dont know what that it is, you are probably not using it … its the panel with ‘file’ ‘edit’ ‘view’ ‘bookmarks’ ‘settings’ options …

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Eureka! Finally stumbled across the “Global Menu” panel at the very top of my screen. So what took me a while to figure out is that I had to remove the “Global Menu” panel at the very top of my screen from 2 different screens - which I rarely use more than my primary screen.

Hope this additional info helps someone else following along the same path.
Thank you :+1:

I’ve noticed that 5.25 has proven pretty buggy in this respect.

I’m curious about the SOLUTION which you selected - as I don’t see anything there which offers a solution to the problem.

I just did some refreshing, so my Plasma is working better than before - but right now, when I try to +Add Widgets I’m also getting NO more widget menu (though I’m sure it worked yesterday).

So please - what was the solution here???

the solution is to remove the global menu as is mentioned here … if you are using more screens you have to remove it from all of the screens

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No, that didn’t work - though I only have one monitor - and it was very difficult to isolate a specific problem - I ended up timeshifting back a week, then updating and restoring a backup.

if removing the global menu didnt helped, there was another solution:

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This is pretty much what I had to do - I did half a job a couple of days ago, but ended up today doing it from scratch - managed to keep a few items but generally best set up from scratch.

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