Why on earth are you using plasma?


It sound ridiculous, but i get stomach pain when i see all these plasma issues. And don’t get me wrong, i checked the tags:

I have been using KDE Plasma for testing purpose, but it is slow, buggy, has senseless animations, and the usability is horrible. That is what i know from windows, and it seems Windows Users prefer DEs like that.

So dear lovely plasma user: Why on earth are you using it?

No personal offense. Everyone choose a DE they like, but what are really the benefits of KDE? Sorry, i don’t get it. The only point i see is: It looks fancy, but is ugly inside.

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Never had this issue.

It’s smooth. Never witnessed any bugs on Plasma 5. Works fast. Extremely customizable. It’s beautiful to look at.

Also, you say you have a lot of issues with it, but I don’t see any posts from you asking for assistance to find out why you’re having issues.


The tag count is probably because it’s so popular, so more users see it and have questions regarding it.

I use Plasma, because I have none of the issues you mention. For me it’s fast, customizable and let me do my job.


Have you not considered there are more threads about Plasma simply because more people use it?

KDE is allegedly popular. That wouldn’t the case if it was as broken as you imply.


I like KDE Application more than Plasma itself.


my experience is quite the opposite ^^
Given, Plasma 5 was buggy in the early versions and KDE 4 was kinda bloated/slow.
But nowadays plasma is one of the leanest and fastest DEs, has very few bugs (that affect me at all that is) and is a dream in usability and configurability.

Its really funny how different the experiences can be.


Troll thread? Maybe.
Personally I was a Windows user since Windows 95, and even worked in IT for years on M$oft universe (Windows Server, Citrix, Active Directory, SCCM, etc). When I gave a real try to Linux some months ago, I distro-hopped to Linux Mint and Ubuntu Budgie, where I felt like home until I found Manjaro Cinnamon.

I love Cinnamon, maybe because I was not too lost compared to Windows. Gnome on the other hand, erk… XFCE, Mate, feel too vintage, too XP/7. I did some customization and I have the Cinnamon desktop I like. But there is no new applet/desklet/extension very often, and while it rolls perfectly, I’d like more novelty. I messed up my disk some weeks ago (and the backups), I could recreate my custom environment by heart in one hour. There are customization but not so much at the end

I find KDE outstanding, fast and gorgeous, but as a recent Linux user, it scared me each time I tried to run it. Now that I have a good stable Cinnamon, I’m thirsty to tinker, to discover, to play Lego with a new environment. I finally jumped (baby jumps) and I’m delving into Plasma. KDE? Plasma?

I don’t use Linux for work, but for fun. I don’t need a stable and boring DE, I want a DE I’ll have fun playing with. And KDE is that for me.


This seems like it is going to be a flame fest.

But …

I dont know how you are ‘testing’ plasma … but I use mine without any animations, it never lags (ok within reason … maybe a hiccup during long compile jobs or something), dont have any bugs to complain about … and it uses ~400mb memory …

I think your configuration might be to blame?

As to your numbers…
Its not exactly a scientific sample. Plasma is not only one of the larger user bases here … but to double down on that … its also the one self-styled windoze ‘power uzers’ and ‘gamerz’ often choose … so go figure about why there are more threads on it than say gnome.
And besides … in general people are pretty bad about tagging threads.


Not intended.

I hope not.

It could be personal thing, because i tried KDE also these days. KDE left a bitter taste and I maybe view this DE these days with eyes as i used KDE4.

yeah the pre-activated animations makes the system darn slow… on any device. Since even if you have a fast computer, the animation takes always time.

Maybe… but I was thinking the opposite: If there more issues than it is more buggy, even if the user base is higher.

No that was not my intension to say that KDE is broken. That is #site-feedback:non-technical-questions section, so all the way it has nothing to do with the code.

You see no issues of me on the forum because it was just a testing, after watching so many issues after a while which point to KDE plasma.

Myself I am using XFCE because it fast and just works. I use it for everything as well for work. So it have to darn stable and it is. The look and feel, or customization has a lower priority.

But I get the point why people are using KDE.

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I switched to KDE mainly because the compositor was superior to everything else, it was modern, and it wasnt gnome. Those are still the most compelling reasons.

After that I configd it to be more like a windowmanager+panel set up.


i’m not sure if that is still an issue, but there was a change some time ago that affected animation duration. Basically it was changed to be done the “right” way and everything older that used the “hacky old way” would have a much too long duration. Maybe you just ran into that issue? ^^
You can set the animation duration in the application style, i’ve got mine set to 50ms and everything feels snappy af.

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sound ridiculous, but i get stomach pain when i see all these plasma issues.

Weird. I never had any big problem with Plasma. And if there was one, I resolved it. Browsing the internet gives enough solutions.

And I think you can put that into perspective. Number of users vs problems, seems OK to me.

but it is slow, buggy, has senseless animations, and the usability is horrible

On the contrary. KDE Plasma is faster (for me) and uses less RAM than some other DE’s. You can tweak literally everything.

If I were in your shoes, I would search for the underlying problem. But… there are many other DE’s to try :wink:


I must be it’s mirror image.
I look ugly but am fancy inside.


Actually 99.99999999% there is never a issue with Plasma. Just because you personally don’t like something doesn’t mean everyone else has to agree with you.

Troll thread YES.

More like a beatdown, and the OP is loosing BADLY.

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Most problem posted in forum is not the DE or Manjaro… it user fault and little know how about linux … no matter what DE you use its just THAT!!

what DE run on that count … :wink:


Only real issue i had with plasma is the plethora of options was a little overwhelming and confusing. If i took the time to play with it I’m sure I’d get used to it as it’s the most customisationable de I’ve seen and certainly wasn’t slow. That being said I went back to cinnamon after a few days because I just like cinnamon


Personally Ive always had a similar experience to OP, maybe my hardware but buggy from the install. My first decent experience has been on the pinebook pro and it’s running excellently there.


I use plasma on Manjaro (home) and Gnome on Ubuntu (office). I appreciate the time and effort the devs but into both of these DEs and I like using both of them. I have never encountered any show stopping bugs on either DE, neither do I find either to be slow. Breeze light is not the prettiest theme but there are plenty to choose from and Manjaro’s breath dark works well for me. Don’t like animations? Turn them off.


Not that I want to encourage a Flame War, but why not use Xfce instead? I used to be a KDE fan back when it was 3.5.x before it went to 4 and above. Personally I really liked 3.5 I lot better as it wasn’t slow or buggy at all. And it was quite fast at that.

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Mine too. Oh, BTW, @Termy I guess it’s you from the Mint Forum?

I love KDE. IMO Plasma is the best DE out there for people like me who like the customization and configurability options … bit like being a kid in a candy store/sweet shop. The workflow is also ideal for my usage.

I also tend to prefer the Qt programs over GTK ones.

Been using it since Plasma 4 (mid 2016).