Why on earth are you using plasma?

Nope, must be a namesake ^^

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Oh, just thought I’d ask as don’t think I’ve seen your namesake on there for a while.

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Compared to my other XFCE istall KDE is much easier to customize. Sometimes all it takes is one click whilst in xfce you constantly edit files. My current XFCE setup took me a lot of time to get it where it is now, KDE that i set up in a day is still better on a lot of aspects.
Though I feel like it does use more system resources, not RAM but cpu%gpu.

Also ,I do agree that it’s animations are sometimes overwhelming and they do give you a feeling of slowness but you can easily turn them off.

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Instead of complaints, start reporting bugs so it gets fixed, take action, that is what open source is about.


Oha. This turns into.another “DE wars” thread. Gonna be closed soon.


If you have any issues open another post, explain the issues you are facing more detailed as posible and let others help.


I have not found any issues till date. Update/upgrade is as smooth as butter.

Infact I have not found any issues with all the 4 mainstream environment including architect.

Infact the laptop with gnome coexist with XFCE and many wm s.

The one with plasma has i3 running smooth.

The desktop with architect install has gnome and i3.

Touch wood no issues since my first encounter with full-time manjaro sometime in 2016