Why my KDE Plasma is not upgraded to 6 yet?

I believe KDE Plasma 6 has been out for more than a couple of months but I see no sign of it on my machine. My packages are all up to date and I’m on the latest kernel (6.8.5-1) but my KDE Plasma is still 5.27.11.

Do I need to do something manually before I can upgrade to KDE 6?

If you are on Stable Branch then it is because there hasnt been an update yet.

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When to expect plasma 6?

Thanks. But I thought the stable KDE 6 is already out! I did search for it and that’s why I thought I should be expecting it on my machine. People were talking about the stable version a couple of months ago. In any case, thanks and sorry.

“People talking about” Plasma 6 stable release is different than Manjaro releasing an update on its Stable Branch.

KDE software release, ie;

Versus manjaro packages, ie;

But it might be ~soon~.


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