When to expect plasma 6?

When to expect plasma 6?

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I do not know when plasma 6 will be released to Manjaro Stable branch

You can have it now by switching to Testing branch and updating repository packages

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch testing
pamac update --no-aur

According to the recent Testing Updates, eg: [Testing Update] 2024-04-04 - GNOME 46, Plasma, Qt, LibreOffice, it looks to me like it may be arriving in the next Stable Release?

I would rather be patient and wait for it to be thoroughly tested by the excellent Manjaro team before the stable release though.


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(If you really can’t wait, EndeavourOS has it. But also only in the testing branch.)


Then don’t open 10th thread asking.

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That’s not true. I have had Plasma 6 in EndeavourOS for several weeks in the official edition and it runs extremely well (AMD graphics card here). I don’t know what is supposed to be improved in weeks of work.

Fortunately, others do.


Good for them …

It’s not enough that KDE has released Plasma 6… each Linux distribution that uses it must be satisfied that everything will work as expected. It likely won’t; and it takes time to make sure it does - testing, finding issues, solving them, testing again - it all takes time.

Every distribution is different in some way, so it makes no sense to think that Plasma 6 will be a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s not.

Until it’s finally ready for Manjaro, the best we can do is wait. Actually, that’s not the best we can do. Even better is to offer to test it, and provide useful feedback; but that doesn’t seem to happen much. Typically, all I see is “When is it ready?”, or similar.

Human nature, I guess. Cheers.


Exactly. Things like:

makes no sense. Packages are packages. They are exactly the same as they were when released on Arch. If you are so inclined to want a fix for something, then test it and report bugs upstream.

Manjaro must port some elements to QT6 or Plasma 6, in order it would be released on stable. Currently, when you install it from testing, your SDDM will bork out and you will see fallback theme.

Also, because of so many changes, if you have used Plasma 5 for a long time, some old configs will cause issues, so it is strongly advised to remove old Plasma/KDE configs after install. I installed Plasma 6 on two laptops and had the same issues and had to refresh configs. Afterward, it works great.

Anyway, Manjaro is not ready to offer smooth experience (as much as it is dependable on Manjaro), hence the waiting time.

You are still 2 commands away from Plasma 6 anyway, so it’s up to you.

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