Why isn't it possible to "reopen" a "solved" support topic?

I marked my topic as closed since using X11 instead of Wayland did work, but this solution wasn’t the best one, as it would be better to be able to use Wayland if we wanted to.
I can’t answer back to this topic ( https://forum.manjaro.org/t/install-seems-to-work-well-after-a-reboot-the-gui-is-unusable ) because it is now closed, but the question has been ask multiple times on this forum… I thought it would be useful for others.

This is the solution i found afterwards :

OK, I finally figured out how to run Wayland flawlessly :

I needed to add `nvidia_drm.modeset=1` to the end of `GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=` in `/etc/default/grub`, and then run `# grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg`.

This solved everything, including little lags that I had for a moment with X11. I have proprietary drivers for my Nvidia card (GTX 1070 TI)

As a “basic user” (Trust level one) you may not be able to reopen a topic, but you can ask a moderator and he probably can. Or maybe even merge this topic with the first one.

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You know, if people would actually open a wiki page and read a bit before posting, then your solution wouldn’t be such a surprise.


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How can you actually know this is causing this issue if you actually don’t know what’s causing this issue… ? thanks for being haughty for no reason :slight_smile:

If you google ‘arch nvidia wayland’ you get this info in first result.

We don’t know, that simple it is ! The problem is that you don’t explain the actual issue that you’re dealing with. and here it comes:
no information → no answer

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Answering the topic question

To avoid necro bumping … Forum Rules - Manjaro

Personally I find it annoying when someone posts a ‘i have the same issue’ to a 2year old thread … :man_facepalming: where I have posted a comment - just to be notified about the bump … :angry:

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If a user clicks Reply for a closed topic and selects Reply as Linked topic
a link back to the closed post is added to to the reply

Continuing the discussion from Install seems to work well, after a reboot the GUI is unusable

If a previous topic does not have a good solution just post the better solution, then users don’t have to read the sub-optimal solution

I would flag a post like that for moderation No Power-Posting/Empty Posts
but if there was a bit of context beyond ‘me too’ I would move post to a new topic

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