Why is there no official Manjaro LXQT ISO

Hello Manjaro Linux people, my name is Tyler T. I'm wondering, why is there no longer an official Manjaro LXQT ISO? Please reply whenever you can, please and thank you.

good question, i think it was a community edition? (never used it) but i didnt even notice it was gone from https://manjaro.org/download/

but a recent rc iso along with the 18.04 is still hosted

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There's also @dalto's LXQt spin.


i forgot about that one, it's like KDE minus the suck :smirk:


Gasp! Now that IS transgressing the unwritten rule. Please now lie your head down on the floor & hold still, lest we slip with the nails.


And you know... features.

EDIT: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


the features are the suck :joy:. certainly not even close to dethroning deepin, but a solid runner up.

dont get me wrong though, i really enjoyed using kde. it always provided me with never-ending puzzles to solve attempt to solve. :wink:

me hold still? your the one on unstable footing :sunglasses:

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Au contraire, that's only in some of my VMs. On Tower h/w i'm Testing all the way, baby.


You did mean just this, didn't you? Muhahahaha.

Haha, you just Godwinned your post.

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I'm actually running Dalto's LXQt on Craptop. Runs great.
Yeah I miss out on the "My themes have broken my entire desktop" and the odd "What happened to Latte dock?", Oh an the silly GTK app crashes. But those are just little things. :wink:


why yes of course :smirk:

then again, asking us what's stable or unstable is like asking a fish how the weather is in the desert.


I also have been waiting for a very long time, I couldn't tag the person who used to maintain it, probably left, or on a summer break.

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