Why is Manjaro quit of installing Office by default?

When I first meet Manjaro in June 2020, calamares will let us decide which office we choose: Libreoffice, Openoffice or None.

It seems that this feature is a big attraction compared with other distros.

Why is Manjaro quit of installing Office by default?


Which edition are referring to?

The choice was born out of necessity - because a lot of users didn’t like when the default was changed - what a furore - almost like some the English parliaments.

A probable reason - as good as any - could be the quite often referred ever growth of the ISO.

British Parliament, don’t want to upset the Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish. :grin:


The nessecary office can easily installed with package manager.

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Coming soon™… :wink:


wow whats it i am looking at exactly?

It looks like a new user “to-do” list that they can go through to see if they want some packages of different categories. Looks super useful for people new to Linux. Just guessing.

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More or less Manjaro Hello replacement.

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I still prefer the way, to choose “Office, no thanks”.

Those are questions to ask here:

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Hello friends, I am developing Manjaro Starter.

Nice, though I do not use Office anymore (using LaTeX and Markdown and MS Office if really need).

If you ALREADY have Manjaro and use Mardown - then the ‘Starter’ will only be interesting to you if you install a new system to another machine…

It isn’t likely to extend too far, I also very rarely use Office - that’s irrelevant because that’s one reason I prefer to see a ‘Starter’ chooser to allow me to include (qBittorrent) and exclude (Office).

Maybe a ‘Media’ edition should be spun up with Plex server and Media players included in the chooser :wink:

I recently started using LaTeX for my documents, it is amazing once you get into it. I’m a program manager and it has really increased the quality of my documents, to the point where I believe I put everyone else to shame.

When people ask for my “word template” and I hand them a .tex file is priceless too!

I see there’s a place for WPS Office right there, in the bottom right corner :wink: