Why is Firefox not included in Manjaro Xfce 24.0.2 minimal ISOs?

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I expected the .pkgs files in ISO release announcements to be a complete list of all packages included on Live ISO
IMO Manjaro Team should consider posting the list of Packages-Live in release announcements to provide complete documentation of all ISO packages

I did not expect to find no web browser when I booted new minimal ISO
Everything else works as expected. Wired Connection 1 autoconnects to internet no problem and the Web Browser launcher is still present in Whisker Menu Favourites, but it just opens a window to select the default web browser from an empty list
firefox is still available to install, but pamac also requires install of mailcap to set mime-types

Considering that firefox and mailcap are not listed in:
would it be correct to expect both packages will not be installed by calamares?

unless something has changed recently, there is a web browser installed
not Firefox - I’m not sure which one it was
a pretty simple one - but there was one

I’ll go and look up what it was - I have replaced it since with:
firefox :nerd_face:

was the name of the preinstalled browser in the Xfce4 minimal edition that I installed a few weeks ago

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I cannot grep falkon in any .pkgs files I have downloaded since 21.2.2

Why would Xfce minimal ISOs have a QT web browser that seems more appropriate for KDE?

Why does Xfce minimal not have Firefox like Gnome and KDE minimal ?

falcon was what was pre-installed
that is all I know.

I changed it as soon as I noticed the limits of it.

That is understandable - I would be confused as well.

The Desktop-Packages changed 3 month ago when midori was dropped to AUR.

Line 179 in the file

I believe it is an oversight - the firefox entry was not changed at the same time

Line 161 in the file

The package listing is what you can expect for the installed system - they are informative but not conclusive.

The package listing does not include the content of Packages-Mhwd either - so if you grep the full iso list for an office suite or Nvidia driver, there is none. The packages installed as part of the hardware detection process and the user selection an office suite will not appear on any list unless of course you generate one by yourself - but who does that ?

There will be packages for tools used on the live media which is not installed to the final system e.g. Calamares and the iso grub theme.

It does not make sense to include those in the package listing - this would only create more confusion.

Latest ISO manjaro-xfce-24.0.3-240702-linux69.iso.pkgs includes firefox 127.0.1-1