Why are Steam Games quitting after launching?

Was it updated since then? Did you change something since then?

Those two things contradict.

steam-manjaro uses STEAM_RUNTIME=1 ( the Steam (Runtime) menu shortcut) and steam-native uses STEAM_RUNTIME=0 (the Steam (Native) shortcut). I recommend installing all optional dependencies for the latter and also the same for wine if one will be playing Windows games.

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Thanks. I thought that command was set use the Steam Native Library.

I think we’re thinking of two different things. I don’t know what you mean by shortcut in this sense. (assuming you’re launching the games from the GUI client.) In my example you wouldn’t be able to take a windows only game and try to force it to use steam linux runtime because the option doesn’t appear in the drop-down list only proton versions.

Yes I tried to use the Steam Client. Before My Racing Thoughts start again, I’ll either quit or contact Steam Support or the Game Developers.

This should be a program to begin with. I might have Steam installed on Windows.

I just looked and the option is only applicable to Steam Play. CS:GO is also a native Linux game, not sure how this applies.

I’m referring to the DE / WM application menu shortcuts.


I did take this Screenshot of an Error screen that pop up in the Steam client after checking the from1 to 0. it didn’t work and sorry I had a Screenshot to do this. For reason I can’t copy the Errors for some reason.

Yes but notice that list has “Steam Linux Rutntime” as an option because it’s a native linux game. If you picked any proton option it would download the windows version of the game but not for the steam runtime obviously. My point was in the past I’ve oddly had to force steam runtime sometimes.

EDIT @Yochanan And based off your post right below it sounds like that’s what OP needs to do here.

It looks like that screenshot is from Windows–unless the “native” Linux version is a poorly-made WINE wrapper.

Oh, I see. That’s a relatively new (to me, at least) feature.

EDIT: Nifty. I can run the Steam (Native) client and choose Steam Linux Runtime for games that I’d normally have to run via Steam (Runtime).


Yep. It’s been the case since I started gaming on Linux aka since I’ve been a member here.

Which is probably why I didn’'t know what you meant by steam runtime in that sense. I’m still not quite sure but I’m guessing you’re referring to what steam is like when steamplay is disabled.

Hey, I love learning new things.

@whm1974 Sorry about derailing your thread slightly.

Just to be clear, is it only Salt and Sanctuary that won’t launch, or do you have issues with others as well?

Y’know, menu shortcuts for applications? Menu > Click icon

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Oh yes for me that is the regular steam client I don’t have another. Ah I see from pacman -Ss steam. Wow yeah I never knew about that client as I don’t have it installed. I only use the one that came pre-loaded on manjaro which is the runtime one.
@whm1974 ditto. Sorry for side-tracking @Yochanan and I both leaned something today. lol

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This is now to me as well. I starting using Steam since it was Beta on the Linux Client with another distro. I forgotten when opr when it became Official.

I will stop for as I’m starting to be set off and my Racing Thoughts return. If you want to know what that is look it up due to going off topic.

Good the thing the Image I post I doubled checked where I save that and what is before I post. Out of Fear that would post a Image that Mods will close this Topic and Perm Banned because I post a naked or topless Lady…

Yes I have Other Games that fail to even Start. I don’t what I did but now a Error Screen Pops Up.

This is why I don’t use my personal machine for work. LOL

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Maybe go nuclear and rm -rf ~/.steam and start fresh?

:warning: WARNING: That will remove all installed games and settings (unless you specified a custom location). Steam will restore synced save games (if the game supports that feature) upon reinstall. Perhaps back it up first.

I’m getting disability for my Major Depression Disorder. While it doesn’t cause Racing Thoughts itself, those with a mental illness are prone to have this happen.

BTW in brief: Those are constant unrelated thoughts that “Race” one after another. Hence the Name. Anyone can have these.

Getting back Topic I don’t use Person Machines for work either. Sorry for longer reply. I was saying I don’t currently have a Job due to this condition. I just saying why and in case anyone is baffled what I have mentioned before.

I almost forgot who and why I was replying to.

No worries, mate. I understand what you’re going through