Who is the maintainer of the manjaro community edition LXQt?

On my computer, I updated themes and “linux54 '” for the “linux510” of the manjaro community edition LXQt and generated an ISO with the changes I made in manjaro-tools.conf; Packages-Desktop; desktop-overlay/etc/default/grub; desktop-overlay/etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf

But my generated ISO is not important here, but I wonder if it would be time to update the community version LXQt to linux510?

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i think this is @linux-aarhus

Talking about the community editions, would be nice if someone updated the awesome version with a new ISO too, that would make me happy

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I requested this earlier(awesome wm)

Well, that’s why they are community editions.
It is/was maintained by a member of the community, but I believe said maintainer has dropped it again, so it is currently unmaintained and therefore without a new ISO.


I have no upload access to where ever the ISO is now located.

However - if you trust the domain uex.dk - which you do if you are using the mirror - you can get unofficial ISOs from https://iso.uex.dk which frankly is on another server but nevertheless I control the domain.


Hi all thank’s for answers,

So, since I am a user of this version and I have everything ready, could I be the one to make this updated ISO available to the Manjaro community?

The work wouldn’t even be work for me would be fun, the only thing I didn’t understand well and I couldn’t make the change, due to my bad English was this part:

Clone Custom Wallpaper Desktop

To clone your Custom Wallpaper Desktop. Open a New File Manager and go to this file.


Change all image directories to where your Custom Wallpaper was located at. For example:


Because in lxqt this configuration does not exist in ~/.config/lxqt

But I will continue studying or waiting for someone to turn this light on in the head of Creto

But I’m already very grateful for your answers

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Oops, I’m going to download and why not trust, thank’s @linux-aarhus

Although I generated an ISO with manjaro-tools to install manjaro LXQt on friends’ computers

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Right, OK. I think very few people understand it on the forum :smiley:


Good to notice your sense of humor

And notice, I downloaded the ISO https://iso.uex.dk/lxqt/21.0.3/manjaro-lxqt-21.0.3-unstable-210503-linux510.iso


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As I said in another message, I can continue to update this version, of course if you allow

How hard would it be to continue to maintain a community ISO thinking if i should jump in and help with one?

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That’s what I’m trying to say here.

That I can generate this ISO easily, or better all of them LXQt, LXDE and Openbox, since I am a user of one of them