Which one is the Manjaro default kernel: 5.4 or 5.10?

And I can’t answer the question, because on Manjaro - XFCE the top download is 5.10, the minimal is 5.10 and then there is a minimal LTS that is 5.4, but not a regular minimal LTS that is 5.4, so I’m confused when asked “Which one is the Manjaro default kernel: 5.4 or 5.10?”

It concerns this issue:

Reasked on linuxquestions.org because this issue is pointing towards a kernel issue.
Moving from linux kernel 5.4 to 5.10 causes my screen never to show display again once it has gone to sleep.

This issue is important to me because I recently need to use nestybox/sysbox and it is asking me to run docker at linux kernel 5.5+ for a docker image that I created using manjarolinux/base.

Manjaro ships multiple kernels. All that have the LTS badge can be default, but you can use also the maintained kernels that are not LTS. MHWD kernel is a great tool to see that. You can have them all installed if you want, and test what works best for you.


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My apologies, I am experiencing a more urgent and bigger issue somewhere else.
I forgot about this.

I know it is not recommended on productive computers but I use 5.14 without any problems so far

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And you’ve got an LTS kernel as a fall-back option!


I do not have (other) LTS’s as a fallback option for certain applications.
That’s why I asked the question.

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