Where is the Thunderbird calendar list?

I had to switch my calendar to lightning due to eventcalendar not working now. I had some help here but now I’m really stuck trying to find how to set the default individual calendar event notifications?

In the calendar setting is clearly says to look in the calendar properties window, where is that?

I need to set individual calendars but i cant find them. Iv search the internet and it always just says go to the calendar list and right click on the calendars ??? There is no calendar list or i have lost the plot.

Open the calendar view and on the left side there are your calendars. A right click on them and you can edit the settings for the selected calendar.

ok this is my calendar tab

Hover over the line at the left hand side of the calendar view and you’ll see your pointer change. Now drag it to the right and the list will appear.


Ahh, all that searching, it was hidden on the side there, no indication of a hidden bar at all, not even a single pixel wide indication that it was there. Iv had TB and its calendar for year and years and never knew that was there.

Thank you :smile:

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Thats highly disappointing. Even if you set default multiple notifications in the individual calendars in TB, They are just silent brief popups that are very easily missed.

They are not the same notification that TB calls “reminders”.

They do not set google calendar to have multiple reminders either so your phone wont remind you either, In fact they are almost useless to me.

All i can do is every time i set an event i have to manually go down, set reminders to “custom” , add “1 day before” add “1 hour before” and add “on event”

I have to do that every time i set an event!!?

On event-calendar i would just put in the calendar i wanted to use and the time and title of the event and it would use the google default notification’s for that calendar. It was so nice and easy.

How do i remedy this?

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