Where is the forum for Pamac (or Add/Remove Software)?

I have so many complaints about this software… Where is the forum for this? All I can find is an issue tracker, which probably isn’t a place to exchanging opinions or asking questions.

Manjaro’s installer promotes Pamac, and this app really has the potential to provide good experience to users who don’t like complex terminal commands, but currently, it’s so painful to use it. Just a little bit less painful than using the terminal commands.

Synchronisation keeps failing.

The UI constantly locks up.

And often it just crashes.

I don’t know, it’s a free app, so may I am not entitled to complain, but I think it needs some improvements here and there as one of the most used software.


First of all, there is a known issue with pamac — if you had looked at the latest Stable Updates thread and elsewhere on the forum, then you would have known that already — and it’s being worked on.

Secondly, pamac is developed by and for Manjaro, and a simple :duck::duck::walking_man: search could have led you to its development page at GitLab. :arrow_down:

Update it with sudo pacman -Syu

You can discuss it here or the gitlab issue page.

Or with… :arrow_down:

yay -Syu

… which should cover the AUR as well. :wink:

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This is my take on your question.

If you need support::

  1. Create a New Topic
  2. Category: Support
  3. Tag: pamac

If you want to provide feedback:

  1. Create a New Topic
  2. Category: Feedback
  3. Tag: pamac

If you want to report a bug:

  1. Go to gitlab.manjaro.org > Applications > pamac > Issues
    Although it could also be pamac-cli, pacmac-qt, or even libpamac

I suspect you might have been looking for a big button on the Support page. I think those big buttons are sub-categories, and they are the second item in the filter at the top. At this time, there is only a tag for pamac.


As far as getting updates, I use pacman and pamac only for the AUR.

There is a sub-category for pamac under Manjaro Development. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it is used by developers to communicate to the community. There is nothing in the About other than links to gitlab.

Where is the forum for this?

See known issues and solutions for Stable update 2023-07-10

Pamac was created by and is maintained by Manjaro team

Its generally bad form to use an aur helper for system updates.
and while yay technically calls pacman for things it can do … yay is known to have a number of open and unresolved issues (including things like not following cache commands) … and on top of that … manjaro has a number of packages that have the same name in our repos as in the AUR (packages like libpamac)… so combined upgrades are asking for trouble in more ways than one.
Its yet another reason those of us who avoid pamac have less issues. :slight_smile:


I know, but in this case, given that pamac was broken… :man_shrugging:

You should change your name to KarenOfManjaro.

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