Where is repository of mhwd-nvidia-390xx?

TLDR; Where is the repo of package mhwd-nvidia-390xx?

After weeks of not understanding what was going on on a friend’s computer with an old Nvidia card (couldn’t have Firefox or Chromium act properly to simply play a Youtube video without stuttering or freezing), I noticed that Nvidia (after a driver search on their website) provides only driver 340 for his card, but MHWD provides driver 390 for it. When he updated his system after the big driver change in Manjaro, I think he got automatically switched to the 390 drivers, from the 340 which was officially provided at that time.

What is weird is that the driver 390 seemed to work (can boot to desktop and play HD video in SMPlayer for example) but not in web browsers. After cleaning the video drivers, I installed the old drivers manually according to the guide provided by philm here for the DKMS 340 Nvidia driver, and then web browsers started to work properly again.

No amount of tinkering in Firefox or Chromium hidden settings or whatever could solve the issue with drivers 390 with his old card, but switching back to what I think was his only option before the big Manjaro driver change (yeah before it was only providing 340 drivers through MHWD for him, I’m pretty sure), it simply worked again.

Just wanted to mention that as it seems when the big driver change occurred in Manjaro, some cards where made ‘compatible’ with other drivers than previously. Not sure if/when/why/how it happened, but that’s my conclusion.

So my request is not really for support, but I’m investigating and would like to view the history of this specific file /var/lib/mhwd/ids/pci/nvidia-390xx.ids from package mhwd-nvidia-390xx but I can’t find it anywhere on Manjaro’s GitLab or Google. So where the hell is this file hosted? If anyone can point me to the proper place, thanks in advance!


This is Discover, and the Branch Compare site. Thanks. That’s not what I need.

I’m looking for


None of your link is the repository where I can see the file history. They are the place to have basically no info on anything (Discover, basically less info than in Pamac) and the place to compare Manjaro branches… which redirects me to… Discover.


No, but if you enter the name of the package in the search box on that page, you will see that it is part of the Core repository. You should be able to take it from there at GitLab. :man_shrugging:

But that’s the issue

Can you?

Bizarrely, no. And it also doesn’t appear to be in the archived repository over at GitHub.

Ok now we’re on the same page :wink:

There is no history of nvidia-390xx.ids . It is dynamical created while building mhwd-nvidia-390xx

PKGBUILD · master · Packages / Extra / nvidia-390xx-utils · GitLab

mhwd-nvidia · master · Packages / Extra / nvidia-390xx-utils · GitLab

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OK thanks I will try to look into that then.

//EDIT: with that info, I found an old ISO (much simpler/quicker) where there is a version of the package before the big Manjaro driver change. I will be able to compare current and old one now :wink:

//EDIT2: and they are identical so probably my theory is busted.

Off the back of my head - IDs are parsed from /usr/share/doc/nvidia/README and as already mentioned by @xabbu they are generated at build time.

Thanks for the replies guys. I since opened this thread because after my little investigation my conclusion tends to be that 390 Nvidia drivers have an issue currently.

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