Current status of 390 drivers? Manjaro Team needed here please

I would like to bring to Manjaro’s team attention that there might be an issue with the Nvidia 390 drivers.

From multiple people’s experience, it seems that these drivers install correctly, seem to work correctly (you can boot to desktop and use the computer, set video settings…), can be used to play HD videos in SMPlayer or similar application. BUT, because yes there is a but… it seems that these drivers are not fully working.

From my experience and from friend’s experience, these drivers will not work in Firefox or Chromium whatever you try, it seems all lights are green when you checks everything, but browser performance is horrible, can’t play youtube video without stuttering or freezing.

From a forum user experience it is the same regarding what works, but he noticed issues in his browser (even on his desktop), and he can not play games, he also noticed that in the OpenGL Information application (in KDE), it says that it is using MESA and not Nvidia drivers (when comparatively on my side with 460 drivers, it says it is using Nvidia).

For both cases, installing the 340 drivers from @philm instructions fixed the issues, instantly enabling proper browser acceleration, or making games work on the GPU.

So I’m wondering if anyone in the Manjaro Team can have a look at these drivers because maybe something was overlooked during the “big driver changes”. They seem to work but they also seem to be broken somewhere.

I’m not sure how I can help to investigate, I may migrate my computer from 460 to 390 to troubleshoot but I’m not sure what to look for.

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