Whenever I enter correct password it says wrong password

If I turn on my laptop and, start Manjaro. Then, if I enter password wrong once. I simply get that wrong password. In second try, when I enter correct password again I get that wrong password Then, 3 times login... (something like this I forgot). Why it says that my password is wrong in second try while it isn’t?

If I on my laptop and, click a random button (write in password field, while login in Manjaro) and, leave that text for few moments and, re-enter the whole password I get that wrong password. And, 3 times attempted to login (forgot the actual text). But, my password wasn’t wrong that moment also

It’s a wild guess but do you have a fingerprint reader?
This thread might be useful to you
Another wild guess is a keyboard/locale issue.

More info is needed to help you further

Yes! I have. I had added fingerprint password earlier. I had removed that later.

In the thread, he said to put 0 instead of 3 for deny. But, I think that if I put 0 than, I can attempt single times also.

I didn’t want to disable the lockout entirely so I upped it from 3 to 10 - This seems to do it for me without compromising security to such a significant degree.

Simple. I had the same problem with the password not being recognised immediately after installation. Just by chance I tried entering it all with caps lock on… it worked! Great, but strange. The password was definitely created without caps lock. Try it.