When I click on download link it sends me to 404 page

what do I do, is there an alternate mirror?


Same here, hopefully it gets fixed

Found elsewhere, the file name is wrong. i can’t post links apparently so change the link to end in 515.iso

What exactly do you mean?
A download link? From where? How?

@cscs You just need to go manjaro.org and then try to download any of the versions of manjaro you will end up with error 404.

This is something that needs to be fixed immediately

Maybe that is true - but how to extrapolate that from OP?
I am glad you guessed it, if that is indeed correct … but does it not seem vague to you?

Phil is probably uploading the new ISO’s, check again later. He already posted the GitHub links in the Stable Announcement post.

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What is Gihib ?
Are you sure it isnt a bug in the website which directs to
instead of

Last commit is 5 hours ago by philip muller

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My typo is now fixed.

EDIT: The GitHub ISOs were just refreshed less than 15 minutes ago. Again, patience. Check again later.

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It has been 7 hours since a major issue appeared which has a very easy patch but it hasn’t yet been patched.

I’m not sure which github repo you are talking about in case if it is this one

why does still have 513 which is EOL

Such entitlement. You know some people have lives, may sleep, things like that? Phil is German so probably is waking up right now.

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Then why arent other manjaro team members like Yochanan given permission to commit changes .

I really appreciate the work manjaro team is doing which is awesome . But i feel like some things could be made better

I don’t know much about the Manjaro versioning but is pre1 correct?
Is it a stable release? Sounds like a preview only and I don’t find any other commit containing “pre” younger then 2 years on manjaro.org

Thanks! I was having the same issue when clicking the link to download the regular version. I got the 404 page. The link you posted worked. I am a newb interested in learning Linux. Started reading the Wiki last night. Thanks for your help!

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I want to try download Gnome from your official download page and you have wrong download url. I’m not sure if the other editions. Sorry if it doesn’t belong here. I am a new user.


you have:


right adress?:


Hi @nedeto :wink:

I can confirm that the images are not there at these links. Maybe use these ones instead:

@philm Could you take a look, please? Thanks.

Ctrl+F5 :wink:

Links are working, stay calm.

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I can’t download an iso image. I get 404 for ISO and torrent.
What is happening?

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repeat question. see this q

Which one, on which page?