When Gnome 41 is scheluded on Manjaro?


as Gnome 41 is not a big change compared to Gnome 40, is it possible that Manjaro Team release Gnome 41 for october ?



That’s not going to happen. Manjaro uses Arch as its direct upstream, and GNOME 4.1 hasn’t even made it into Arch yet.


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More or less couple of months after ARCH has it. Maybe next year ?!? For us there is no rush to upgrade …


This will still take some time officially.
However, you can switch to third-party repos. (I’ve also been using Gnome 41 for a good 1 month since the RC without errors.)
However, there are (as always) hardly any extensions that run smoothly on it. :wink:

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I’m in no rush, some of the extensions I use have been ported for Gnome 41 but not all. Gnome 41 being released this month, and not being a big update, I thought this version was going to be released quickly for rolling-release distributions.

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Manjaro differentiates itself by being a stable rolling release. Consequently, when there are updates to packages, they review them and test them before releasing them in order to hopefully have the best outcome with no broken systems. I don’t think it works all the time but depending on any customization done on your system, you have better odds with Manjaro of not having a fault. Remember also they rely on many volunteers. Hope this helps answer your questions. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I love the Manjaro rolling release model. First, because I don’t need to reinstall the new version of the distribution each time.Second, because new updates solve sometimes issues or give new features that we can’t have with a long term stable release.

About Gnome, I gave up. I want to switch or come back to KDE plasma now because KDE plasma lets me customize my desktop as I want. And that customization is very powerfull (Latte dock, theming, …) under KDE plasma, thing I don’t find with Gnome.

I close this subject.

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