Manjaro Gnome 41

I have a very simple question about gnome, On Gnome website they submitted that gnome 41 is available for debian and arch Linux and Manjaro is arch based distribution, so I wonder if gnome 41 is scheduled into Manjaro or not yet?
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Manjaro is based upon Arch, but there are different branches of Manjaro.
It will take some time until what is now probably in the Manjaro testing and unstable branch will eventually arrive in Manjaro stable.

ah, generic answer …
… the one time I did not check … - and neither did the OP

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GNOME 41 has been available in the stable branch for about a month now. :wink:


So, gnome edition of manjaro on the download page should be for gnome 41 right?
Thx for your help :+1:

Arch and thus, Manjaro
are rolling releases.
Even if the gnome edition on the download page wouldn’t contain gnome 41 right now,
the system installed using this installer would be after the first update.
… and it’ll always stay the latest version as time passes …

So what u say is Gnome 40 which I have will be updated to Gnome 41 by itself when i run “Sudo pacman -Syu” and i don’t have to download the new iso and install it from zero

You never have to install a new iso.
When you update you will be at the recent versions of software available in manjaro

Well… if you have to rescuing your installation by chrooting into the install. And using some commands in the command line.

If you are asking this then you probably haven’t ever upgraded while using Manjaro, which is not a safe way to manage your system…

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