When boot, always asked for new keyring password

For some reason, I am asked when boot for a new password for the keyring. I don’t know how to use a keyring. I did enter a new password, but at next boot, it asked again. It did not change it.

I looked at GNOME/Keyring - ArchWiki but it is meaningless to me (not being a programmer).

Please advise

Next time, simply leave everything empty and confirm with OK. After that it should be quiet.

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I pressed Continue (there was no OK), but next reboot was asked again. I autostart Brave and Standard Notes. If neither are autostarted, no prompt. If I then launch either, I am prompted. So launching either one highlights the problem. Why am I prompted for a new password and how do I disable the request? After the password change, I have to re-enter passwords in Brave Proton mail tab.

Solved thanks to limaunion who posted here:

Try this:

rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/* Now open Chrome, if it asks you for your password, do not enter one choose Continue each time and ignore any warnings.

Check here for more details: [https://askubuntu.com/questions/31786/chrome-asks-for-password-to-unlock-keyring-on-startup ]

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Thank you but even when I disabled automatic login, I received the prompt when I opened something needing a password.

You ended with “I assume you are us…”?

Its a quote and link … click to expand or visit the thread will show the whole thing.

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