What's the best way to install linux over Windows

Hello, need some opinions. I bought a new laptop and plan on installing KDE Plasma. I am wondering what is the best way. Should I just erase the partitions and install linux. Is it a good idea to write zeroes to the SSD first?

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If u need windows for some reason then u can dual boot with Manjaro(check latest stable update announcement post for ‘os-prober’, very important)

If u don’t use any windows only software then erase & install

  • It’s a good idea to not to wipe Windows, but shrink its partition to 64GB and install a dual-boot solution.
    If you haven’t had to boot Windows for a year, you can always delete the Windows partition(s) then…


  • If you do not want any stinking Windows even after reading the above, please read this:
    [HowTo] erase an external disk (USB, SD-Card, ...) EASILY (through a GUI)
    (You can also use this tutorial to erase an internal disk completely)


If you’re just trying to install Manjaro and get rid of Windows, just delete the partitions and install.

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Thanks guys. I’ve got it done. But I’m having other problems now so I’m going to make another post. Everytime I plug in a flash drive, it disables my bluetooth and the laptop doesn’t recognize the usb ports and it happens to the micro-sd slot as well.

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