What webserver do you suggest for manjaro kde?

when i was in windows i was using: xampp
what webserver software you advice me to use in manjaro with kde?

This is a stack, of which the webserver is one component. In this example Apache.

(apache calls it an environment or distribution I guess; XAMPP Installers and Downloads for Apache Friends)

Though I might suspect we will find many people prefer nginx.

The most common linux stack is probably “LAMP” or “LAMPP” which is of course Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, Perl.

Or was anyways. “LEMP” (using nginx) has become increasingly popular over the years.

Stumbled on this guide for a quick comparison:

One major thing to note is that Arch and therefor Manjaro defaults to mariadb over mysql.

(though mysql packages can be found in the AUR)

Lots of further reading can be found at the Archwiki as always:

Including Archs suggestion for a XAMPP stack (or ‘distribution’):

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That question cannot be answered - as it depends on what you want to do.

If you have experience with apache - the use apache.

If your use case is a simple file server then caddy is an excellent choice.

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The one you’re familiar with. Distro rarely (if ever) matters.

I always suggest Apache for web servers, but that might only be because I’m familiar with it. Apache is Apache. Nginx is Nginx. Whether on Manjaro, Ubuntu or Debian, it’s still the same thing.

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I’ll add that there is likely more information to be found about Apache, than most alternatives, being that Apache is the traditional (and more popular) de facto (goto) web server.

Of course, being popular also comes with a downside. There is also likely to be a great deal of outdated and misinformation in the wild for Apache, than there might be for Nginx, for example.

XAMPP is a comparitively simpler stack which uses Apache. If you’re new to webservers in general, then the Linux flavour of XAMPP is probably the most self-contained; both in software and available documentation.

I hope this is helpful. Cheers.