What to do with the data HDD with a NTFS filesystem?

Hello, my large data HDD has NTFS filesystems made in MS Windows and my cold backup HDDs also.
My Manjaro system drive has ext4 filesystem.

It seems i can use NTFS on Linux, write to it, i can use some improved driver for it: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/wondering-how-to-install-aur-package-ufsd-module-dkms

I prefer if i do not need to change filesystems, but i am thinking that the NTFS can damage and maybe i will have issue fixing it on Linux, so the QUESTION: how important is to change filesystem when i moved from Windows to Manjaro, why?

About HDD: large one with rather big files on it and two multi-terabyte veracrypt containers (1TB+ file).
HDD has 85% of activity mixed reading.
I was interested in deduplication (ZFS) but my computer not yet have enough RAM possibly, maybe i can have 1GB per 1TB disk space if is counted compressed in-memory swap (zswap).

UPDATE: i see is that on Windows, i was able to launch an app that is IOPS and IO intensive on the NTFS filesystem, but on Manjaro this apps seems significantly slower and at same time the top CPU usage process is the mount.ntfs which is near 100% (bottleneck?) on quad core CPU + 45.0wa (iowait) value. Here “ps” output:
(CPU value reported by ps as 16.6)
cmd: /usr/bin/mount.ntfs /dev/sdd1 /run/media/user/XTB -o rw,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1001,windows_names,uhelper=udisks2

I never had problems accessing NTFS file system from Manjaro with standard NTFS-3G.

Indeed, fixing a broken NTFS partition is best done from a Windoze system, but for that you could also use Hiren’s BootCD if needed.

If you won’t use a Windoze based system any longer it would be a good idea to move to ext4, btrfs, zfs etc. as they are more compliant to permission and attribute architecture of Linux.

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I use NTFS to store most of my data as it makes my life so much easier when it comes to dealing with my Win7 installs & for movies when I connect a drive to a smart TV.

I’ve been using NTFS this way for years (with a LOT of data, on multiple drives & some large drives 10TB). No problems. NTFS won’t cause you any problems.

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how important is to change filesystem when i moved from Windows to Manjaro, why?

Next to not needed, NTFS would be accessible just fine from Linux. The problem is, all Windows filesystems are prone to fragmentation. As the disk becomes fuller, the performance degradation increases. Linux filesystems such as EXT4 isn’t prone to the same problem, therefore its performance is more consistent as the disk becomes fuller.

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