What steps to share a new app to Manjaro repository?

hello i want to upload a program to manjaro repository, i have the file downloaded on format .tar.bz2 i know who install that tarball but is best to share to the world manjaro users.

What program? :thinking:

Please see:

is a secret, when that is uploaded you will see.

Well you’ll have to put it in the AUR then.

How do you expect the Manjaro team to add something to the repo when they don’t know what it is?

Data: is a lightweit browser. I want upload that on manjaro community not on archlinux repository.

Manjaro extra repository already has a number of web browser packages

palemoon  32.5.1-1                                                                                                 extra
    Open source web browser based on Firefox focusing on efficiency.
opera  106.0.4998.16-1                                                                                             extra
    A fast and secure web browser
nyxt  3.10.0-1                                                                                                     extra
    A keyboard-driven web browser designed for power users
netsurf  3.10-8                                                                                                    extra
    Lightweight and fast web browser
midori  9.0-6                                                                                                      extra
    Lightweight web browser
luakit  2.3.3-1                                                                                                    extra
    Fast, small, webkit based browser framework extensible by Lua
firefox-developer-edition  122.0b2-1                                                                               extra
    Developer Edition of the popular Firefox web browser
fiery  1.1.2-1                                                                                                     extra
    A convergent web browser
epiphany  45.1-1                                                                                                   extra
    A GNOME web browser based on the WebKit rendering engine
eolie  0.9.101-4                                                                                                   extra
    Simple web browser for GNOME
elinks                                                                                                 extra
    Advanced, feature-rich text mode web browser
dillo  3.0.5-12                                                                                                    extra
    A small, fast graphical web browser built on FLTK
chromium  120.0.6099.129-1                                                                                         extra
    A web browser built for speed, simplicity, and security
aura-browser  5.27.10-1                                                                                            extra
    Browser for a fully immersed Big Screen experience allowing you to navigate the world wide web using just your
    remote control
firefox  121.0-1                                                                                                   extra
    Standalone web browser from mozilla.org

thanks for reply. I need midori uploaded on this webpage: https://astian.org/es/navegador-midori/descarga/
Is version 11 and on manjaro repo is on 9.
Congrat to linux manjaro for reply and congrats for the kernel real time compiler, my pc now is so good with that kernel and fine.

Midori is inherited from Arch and has been flagged as out of date since 2023-10-28
Arch Linux - midori 9.0-6 (x86_64)


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Marking the above post as the solution as it can easily be installed via the AUR.

Firefox from the official repositories is available and popular. I see no need for the addition of a forked release, when Midori-bin is available in the AUR.

Although, in fairness, the same might arguably be said of Vivaldi vs. Chromium; and I do like Vivaldi.

So this is from the company ‘astia’ with the same name, but not the same browser as the better known midori?


My entire knowledge of Midori was acquired in the last 5 minutes, but according to Wikipedia:


If you look at the first GitHub repository, the code hasn’t been updated in years and the last release was in 2019. Astian should probably delete or archive that one & redirect visitors to the correct Midori repo (the second one you listed).

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And as noted by @Takakage via the Wikipedia article.

I’ve seen a few of the previous attempts; one used Electron, from memory; but I haven’t seen this incarnation until today. It seems as good as any Firefox fork might be expected to be. Some might appreciate the number of default themes, otherwise, it doesn’t seem that remarkable at first glance.

However, as is said, The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

I believe the old Midori still has a certain devoted userbase; perhaps that’s among their reasons for not doing that. :person_shrugging:

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I understand neither the thread nor the solution.

The midori browser is in the repo - inherited from Arch - and last package date is September 11. 2023.

 $ pamac info midori
Name                  : midori
Version               : 9.0-6
Description           : Lightweight web browser
URL                   : https://github.com/midori-browser/core
Licenses              : LGPL
Repository            : extra
Installed Size        : 4,1 MB
Groups                : --
Depends On            : aria2 gcr libarchive libpeas libxss
                        webkit2gtk zeitgeist
Optional Dependencies : gst-plugins-base: HTML5 OGG videos support [Installed]
                        gst-plugins-good: HTML5 H264 and WebM videos support [Installed]
                        gst-libav: HTML5 H264 videos support [Installed]
Provides              : --
Replaces              : --
Conflicts With        : --
Packager              : Robin Candau <antiz@archlinux.org>
Build Date            : man 11 sep 2023 23:22:53 CEST
Validated By          : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature

Albeit long ceased development - the new Midori is no longer Midori but a Firefox browser.

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I’d agree with this - Midori is a lightweight webkit browser for XFCE. I played with it for a while back in the day.

You cannot sell green peas and put them in a Baked Beans tin.

To completely change the backend for that name is not only a bad idea, but it seems positively deceptive.

The Gecko Version of Midori Browser is Here! My first hit here, certainly a little interested to play.

It looks a lot like Floorp, which I looked at earlier this week - pretty quick and slick, based on Firefox ESR.

Running the Speedometer 2.0

Floorp 112, Firefox 134 and Midori 165.


I have marked the @Takakage post as the solution, once again.

The indicated midori-bin package on the AUR is in fact the new Midori 11 (Gecko-based; Firefox fork) that the OP wished to be made available (See midori-bin 11.0.0-1).

The AUR version Midori v11.0 was first released on 2023-10-30 and was flagged out-of-date on 2023-11-09 – one presumes the packager will update it soon to v11.1.

Adding to this for the sake of clarity;

Despite the OP’s original request and the title of the thread, it soon becomes obvious that the OP simply wants Midori v11+ to be available for use in Manjaro. Though the English may not be perfect, it was easy enough to understand what was wanted.

With this new browser being available from the AUR, that need is satisfied. The thread title, however, should likely be changed to a better suited description, perhaps something like:

‘How may I have the new Midori v11+ on Manjaro?’

OP originally asked about getting an “app” hosted on “manaro” but the conversation shifted to discussing one of the 15 browsers already available from Manjaro extra repository

Since most of the comments here are from KDE users, they may not be aware that midori 9.0-6 is included with Manjaro Xfce minimal ISOs

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What I mean with I don’t understand

Midori 11.x != Midori 9.x

It is fork of firefox and while using the Midori name it is not Midori but a rebranded firefox.

It has been seen before that someone takes over a well known - in the lack of a better phrase brand - and try to take that brand’s place.

To answer the topic question - there is no steps you can take to get the app Manjaro repo.

  1. this has been mentioned - the app in question is in AUR - so no need to be in Manjaro repo
  2. It requires a Manjaro team member to maintain the package

About the Feature Request category

Be aware: unless there’s an obvious need (or e.g. the package is unique) the answer will probably be “no”, and especially so if it’s already in the AUR.

Maintaining packages take a lot of time. Adding a package is not a one-off event and requires work by the package maintainer. Therefore, unless the package maintainer uses the software it’s very unlikely they will maintain a new package.

General points “for” inclusion might include:

  • Serves unique function/use-case
  • Adds a definite benefit to a wide range of users
  • Actively maintained but infrequent updates
  • I use it

General points “against” inclusion might include:

  • Another alternative already available in the repos (e.g. browsers, media players)
  • Niche (e.g. scientific software)
  • Proprietary or restrictive license
  • Old, outdated, unmaintained, AUR package
  • High-frequency/daily updates (e.g. -git packages)
  • Unreleased/pre-release software

About the Feature Request category

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