What is this and why it opened on its own?

I didn’t installed anything that would open this kind of window.
Anyone any idea what it is or trying to do? I’m not linux saavy so if you kindly tell me what to type in the terminal to narrow this down…

Thank you for reading and your time, have a great day!

Its a feature of gnome.
Settings > Privacy > Connectivity *
(* sic - gnome moves things around, but thats where it used to be)

The warning is popping up either because of a network issue … or because there is something wrong with the host.


It should appear if you are on a public hotspot, like hotel, airport, cafe, university, you get the idea. Since you are actually seeing a server that is misconfigured this is probably the case. Or there is a temporary problem with your internet connection, and esp. with DNS servers. You can try waiting a bit and or restarting the home modem/router if you are at home.
So in either way with 99% probability what is broken is not on your end and you do not really need to do anything (except finding another hotspot if you are in a public place or wait for the provider to fix it if you are at home).

That said, that autodetection could be turned off somewhere in one config file, but i cannot remember where…oh wait i found it. But i recommend just waiting, before generally disabling it. It is still a useful thing when it works.

The connectivity check ala NetworkManager can be controlled via a drop-in file, yes.
But this particular dialog is from Gnome and is controlled by the setting listed above.

(yes, I too find it odd that they clobber the connectivity check into a secondary feature of ‘hotspot’ and then present it as that only)

Please use words to describe your issue, not screenshots. This is a support forum, not Reddit.

Please see:

Indeed. I schedule my router to reboot once a week and I often see this dialog when that happens.

Indeed, it is.


…does not exist. GNOME rejected the proposal:

However, Ubuntu maintains a patch:

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