What is our official stance on pure video Questions/Answers?

Earlier today I ran into a pure video answer and I don’t like them because:

  • I’m an old fart
  • Reading is much more efficient that watching videos as it’s easier to skip text with your eyes than to skip frames with your mouse
  • Video answers cannot be text-searched¹

However, it seems to be the trend with kids nowadays to have more video questions and answers so my question is:

What is the official stance from the Manjaro leadership on pure video questions and answers as long as the video searching technology is not up to par with text search technology? (Mod/Admin answer requested)


Note 1: Yes, I know, if the video contains Close Captions it is searchable, but none of the technical videos I’ve ever seen contain manual CCs and if they’re auto-generated, they don’t contain the exact commands being typed in the video, hence unsearchable in my book (made from trees, not needing batteries) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


+1 for the old farts brigade :+1::+1:. Definitely agree about the search aspect, I have no issues with a video being attached to a post/reply but the outlying message should be in text IM0

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Letters strung together make sounds and can be searched for in the form of patterns! Even videos need letters to be searchable! Letters rule the Internet.

I would see videos as a supplement when it comes to: How do I do that in the GUI? Where do I have to click? What do I have to do where?

In truth, everyone learns differently, but for absolute beginners a video that illustrates the process of how something is done often leads faster to the goal. You see how someone work with the tools like the way a craftsman apprentice watches his master trainer at work and learns how to work with the tools.

With time, you hardly ever need these videos anymore. Video tutorials are in my opinion for absolute newbies.


I have used in the past (and not here :grinning:) small videoclips (from some seconds to a minute) to explain some thing that it’s difficult to explain with words. Usually something that is somehow more visual. So I’m not against it. But it’s only for certain occasions (you know, an image is a thousand words worth).

On the other hand I’m probably completely against videotutorials, at least the kind shown at the example. I think videos can be also a great educational resource, but on a different level and probably in a different context

So for the forum +1 to some supplementary short/very short videos when needed and -1 for videotutorials


In the previous (forum) instance - video answers was banned - they provide absolutely no value to the greater good.

This is mainly because a video tend to run out of scope and if the advise given does not match exactly with the user’s system - hell breaks loose.

Also videos are often not revised - it requires too much effort to create a new video - this is not the case with some written instructions which can be corrected - either by the author or by comments.

Back on the now archived forum - we had a user which insisted that all his comments would be videos. We also had internal discussions on the topic of self-promotion where some users just linked to their own blog - thus promoting their own content.

Videos tend to be one long self promoting act which younger generation’s than myself tend to appreciate - I simply don’t understand - it must be the attention generation.

This is impossible to honor for the reasons mentioned by @Fabby especially number 2 and 3

And Manjaro forum is not for promoting ones own content. Reproducing content on Manjaro - which is one’s own - and linking to the source is however not regarded as promotion - but as cross-posting - and therefore allowed.

I have moderated the mentioned thread.


I don’t see the issue, personally. If the video helps the person, what’s the harm? Links to webpages also can become out of date.

Maybe it is a generational thing, but I will regularly consult YouTube videos for tutorials. Maybe I learn better visually than by reading. Maybe a video bridges a language barrier better than Google Translate.

I don’t see why video responses should be outright banned.

That has been explained in the previous posts

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