How to set BootSplash startup loading animation in Manjaro KD?

I want to setup loading screen animation in Manjaro KDE.
I went to wiki. Plymouth - Manjaro Linux
They suggest me to use BootSplash instead of Plymouth. But I can’t find any guide for it.

Can anyone give me a good guide how to setup BootSplash?

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Linking to video tutorials is not allowed for a number of reasons

  1. video tutorials quickly goes out of scope
  2. video tutorials does not ever get updated - too much work
  3. video tutorials is not searchable and as such provides no value
  4. video tutorials should always be accompanied by an extensive text based explanation

For the mentioned reason your comment has be redacted - this not personal in any way.


You could search the archived forum - there is a lot on bootsplash there

I didn’t know, I just linked to what I known and also I didn’t want to write to much – I’m not fluent in English. I’ll remember your advice for the future :wink: