What is ladspa-host? why I want or need it now?

resolving dependencies...
:: There are 8 providers available for ladspa-host:
:: Repository extra
   1) ardour  2) audacity  3) carla  4) element  5) guitarix  6) muse  7) qtractor  8) rosegarden

what is this ladspa-host? why I want or need it now?

It’s part of the sound system. And you need to pick one of the listed options because of a packaging decision. Each of the listed alternatives has support for MIDI, and that’s what this is about.

The most lightweight option is probably going to be audacity or qtractor. The others are pretty much all music production suites.


I updated today my Laptop first but this ladspa-host message only shows up from my PC.

I was little confused why this questions only comes up at my PC, because i use almost identical software on both systems.

Anyways, since the popup told me that number 1 is the default and everything is working now.
No big deal…

So do you not recommend Ardour?

Not if you only want a lightweight LADSPA host for providing MIDI support. ardour is a complete digital audio workstation.

Presumably you have some LADSPA audio plugins installed

pamac search --installed ladspa

possibly installed as a dependency for an audio package that has since been removed ?

Ardour is the largest package on the list. If you just want to get system updated select either qtractor (7.8 MB) or element (8.4 MB)


You can look for reverse-dependencies to figure out which package that you have installed that needs it: pacman -Qi ladspa-host

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ladspa is a dependency of shotcut, ffmpeg and ffmpeg4. So if one has either of those packages installed — and I’m guessing just about everyone will have ffmpeg — then ladspa is also installed.


It’s worth noting that it is an optional dependency of ffmpeg.

Also, ladspa and ladspa-host are different package names.

  • The first installs three binaries and five libraries and one C header.
  • The second is provided by many packages. Essentially, those packages “host” the plugins provided by *-lv2 and *-vst and *-vst3 plugin packages.
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Nope, I’ve got ffmpeg but not ladspa, it’s an optional dependency only.

Edit: Too slow, sorry.

ladspa is an optional dependency for ffmpeg and ffmpeg4

None of those packages provide ladspa-host

I suspect OP uninstalled an audio package without removing a LADSPA plugin (optional) dependency
that should be listed in addition to a false-positve reponse for package ladspa

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thank you for explanation, but … yay -R pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa ladspa swh-plugins did the trick :sweat_smile: so far no complications… and no idea, how I even got those packages in the first place… probably some leftover dependencies that didn’t go away with orphan removal.


pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa requires swh-plugins

and swh-plugins requires ladspa-host


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