What is definition of moson?

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Pre-story. A few days ago I got interested in how simple scripts can be started with the system log in and found the autostart directory /etc/xdg/autostart/ with .desktop files. Also I’d noticed there org.moson.matray and searching the question “what is moson” gave me the answer. So, ok, but like when you go to sleep and start thinking about everything in the world instead, thus now…

My question is what is the definition of moson? Is this some kind of abbreviation? Like… Mirror Of something that starts with S.O.N.? Or is there any interesting story like “why deamons called deamons” behind this? I’m not native or fluent at English, but at this time when I google, it corrects me and gives me the answer for Mason name on Wiki page :sweat_smile:

I think the answer is this: Manjaro Linux Forum

But you will have to ask him where the name comes from…


As far as I know, mtray was created by @moson

See here.


“Moson” is an encrypted word of the original translation: “shiny evil anime teeth”

Hence, the user’s avatar:

Here is how you can decrypt the original meaning.

Notice that “Moson” is almost a palindrome? Flip it around and you get “Nosom”.

This means that the “M” and “N” are outliers in the word, regardless of which direction you write it. It also means when you remove them, you are left with a real palindrome: “oso”

Now that we have the real palindrome extracted from the pseudo-palindrome, we can assign the numerical index to the letters of the English alphabet. A=1, B=2, C=3, … X=24, Y=25, and Z=26.

We have “oso”, which is:
O = 15
S = 19
O = 15

Which can be written as the string: 151915

Notice something? Yup, it’s pretty obvious.

These are coordinates on a map. No seriously, punch them into Google Earth.

Latitude: 15.1
Longitude: 91.5

It will land you in the middle of the Bay of Bengal.

Guess what the Bay of Bengal is known for?

You’ll be surprised… or maybe you won’t be. :wink:

WATER. It’s filled with tons and tons of water.

As we near the end of the decryption to reveal the origin of this seemingly “random” word, we once again apply the numerical index to the English alphabet:

W = 23
A = 1
T = 20
E = 5
R = 18

YOU SEE? Lay those numbers out, this is just insane!

23, 1, 20, 5, 18

Look at it again! Now do you see it?

I don’t. Sorry.


What the start, I knew it!

Also, I am from Ukraine and this puzzle can be almost solved if we will use the Cyrillic script and do the steps:

  1. Translate Latin moson letter-by-letter, changing it into its alternative and get the next word with the very similar spelling: мосон;
  2. The true translation of this word will be “Monsoon” (yeah, it’s literally MGR!), but if we correct the previous word to write it as it actually sounds we should get: mason;
  3. Monsoon was a very memed character about controlling systems and peoples, and mason is about control the entire World. Boom!
  4. They are alive and existing of Gravity Falls Bill Cipher and the illuminati in Doctor Strange Multiverse prove it straightforwardly. Both of the pictures are Disney;
  5. The topic of Disney is ownership and copyright which in their case are also a content-controlling system :exploding_head:

Now, I have the potential owners information and whatever. You have the real coordinates and whatever. I’m not a math professor or historical English bookwriter, so I can’t just multiply “whatever” by itself and at this point we got stuck… Or not? What if they want us to multiply it as it will not actually give us the answer? :thinking:

For the real now, we see moson in Linux, so all puzzles come to… Oh no, I’ve realized it. Microsoft is all about Windows and their own ecosystem where they can control everyone and collaborate with other huge companies, including the Mouse! Mouse which secretly takes control of Linux. Someday this would be something really bad, I guess, but as far as we go to the next point, we pull ourselves under the risk of being banned by copyrights for discussing what is not actually what we should do :no_mouth:


And here I thought it was a Canadian beer.


@FancierTech: Congratulations. You win the first place “Crazy Person” award. :1st_place_medal:

Hope you enjoy not sleeping for another week! :grimacing: :no_mouth:


Mosonmagyaróvár - Wikipedia

The town of Moson was the original capital of Moson County in the Kingdom of Hungary, but the county seat was moved to Magyaróvár during the Middle Ages. The two towns were combined in 1939,

Moson comes from Slavic *mъšьnъ ‘mossy’, in the wider meaning also ‘moss-covered mud, marsh’, elided from mъšьnъ (gradъ) ‘castle in the marsh’ (see also Mšeno, Mszana)

Shop frontiers: the rise of cross-border buying around the world | Consumer affairs | The Guardian

With about 350 dental surgeries, Mosonmagyaróvár – population 30,000 – can claim to have more dentists per head than anywhere else in the world.

So maybe those pearly whites in the avatar are a homage to Hungarian dentistry

But that avatar smile is one of many things on this forum that reminds me of this song:

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Guys, whats up. I thought it would have been decyphered long ago already.

moson to ascii number representation (base10)

109 111 115 111 110
sum = 556
now add the last one again (because: why not?)

What do you get?





Now the world makes sense! All secrets of this earth shall be revealed! Thank you, @moson! It all makes sense now! :bowing_man:

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Well, I think, we have already done it and also can draw a conclusion having top-3 MVPs:

:1st_place_medal: - Me (by winnie version), but I ought to give way to the moson as we would not even have this topic created without him! What do you think?

Me after Winnie

:2nd_place_medal: - winnie who found the key to coordinates, gave much help and took first place by the audience reactions at all.


:3rd_place_medal: - nikgnomic with Wiki quote with the original Hungarian translation and a good song.


Worthy of mention: everyone who commented, reacted, viewed this topic. beer the meme and my sometimes sleepless.

You all are cool, guys, thanks!
massive quoting is hard on this forum…

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