What happens if I update a package/software using it's own updater instead of waiting for an update in the package manager?

TL;DR: If I (self) update a package through it’s own updater will Pamac “lose” track of it’s version, or is it safe?

I mean things like VSCode or DBeaver, which have self update notification and buttons. I don’t even bother with VSCode, because it’s only a matter of hours until the update shows up on Pamac.

But DBeaver, for example, is at version 7.1.5 in Pamac but every time I open it it warns me about the new version, 7.2.0 and it offers to upgrade right there and then.

I’m more curious than in a hurry to update, I really don’t want to make anything unstable or broken, now that I finally got the system working and looking exactly the way I want.

dbeaver v7.2.0 is already in the testing branch, it’s just a matter of time. If you update it manually, you may run into issues related to overwriting files when you try to upgrade next time.


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IMO it’s best to use your package manager(s) where possible. I’ve had issues in the past when using a program’s inbuilt updating mechanism. The latter might cause dependency issues. :wink:

Example is the VirtualBox updater (albeit this was on a Mint system) taking out a load of packages required to start an X session! (Fixed in a TTY by reinstalling the stuff it took out. I had logged the entire process which made it easy).

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