What happened to the inxi dump?

Posting this here for the curious who wondered where that topic went;

During discussion in private about my inability to edit threads, @codesardine mentioned there was a limit to replies per topic. In the future, if forum admins wish to implement as such, there may be a new field where your inxi output can go for persons who wish to help as reference simply by viewing your profile.

Of course, this would be an opt-in feature if it were realized. For people who already published their system in that thread, if you bookmarked it then you can still retrieve it by visiting your bookmarks, however much to my chagrin an off-hand mention of closing and unlisting the topic led to it being closed and unlisted. (Go figure.)

If you do need to share your system specs, simply perform the following for future reference:
inxi -Fazy > ~/inxi.txt

Publish your specifications in a new topic which explains what your issue is, should you need to consult this forum for advice about a resolution to ongoing issues.

Do not publish your system specifications in this thread. I recommend to @moderators this thread to be closed shortly after its creation, but listed for people to understand why this decision was made.

Thanks in advance for your understanding. May continued visitations to this forum be pleasant. :heart:

What this one??

Or you mean this bit of the post?

I do not understand how any of that is relevant to the context of the topic which had been closed and unlisted from public view. I created a topic for people to publish their system configuration after running the above command in the OP (which excluded -y flag at the time) for publication and bookmarking for future use, akin and as tribute to the original inxi dump from the old forum before the reboot.

Of course, as I said earlier, this isn’t that topic again. Let the admins figure out something over time, or settle for keeping your inxi output on-hand for any problems you encounter, to distribute along with your issue in a new support topic.

Maybe this was accidentally removed as well, just like in

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Closing at the request of the OP.