What does "$ pamac install mplayer" do ? why 1.6GB size download?

I was thinking of trying out mplayer , the cli video player …
I choose to use $ pamac install mplayer instead of $ pacman -S mplayer just for the fun of trying out … But to my surprise, it is 1.6GB size and have taken forever to download …What is it ? it is still downloading

Looking at arch package size, mplayer should only size 2.2MB… why 1.6GB ?
Should i cancel the downloading command ?
Have i did something seriously wrong ?! I am nervous now. :-p
Hurry up guys… it is 740MB already

it’s a big player :grin:
just kidding,there was a big update.

big update ? That big ? for a media player ? ?
It is like a distro size already.
800MB already…

no, a general update,i also got around 1.5 GB in size.

No. Pamac wants to update your system when you install something, because partial updates are not supported.
Pacman on the other hand does not care if you break your system.


Oh… it is doing update … what a relieve :sweat_smile:!.. and my heart is nervous still… last time i have a big update such this on EOS, it changes my whole UI…

Really ? Then why should everybody advocate pacman instead of pamac ? Look into forum, nobody uses pamac… always pacman.

Pacman is the base package manager of our upstream (Arch Linux). It’s what’s mentioned in all the wikis all over the internet. :wink:

Does that means i should always do $pamac install instead $pacman -S ?
Is $pamac install = $pacman -Syu && $pacman -S ?

it should be fine.
if you have an issue you can report it here:

or open a thread about it,
and it’s good practice to read the updates announcements to see if there are special instructions or things to look for etc.

That’s your preference. Pamac has optional support for the AUR, Snaps and Flatpak while Pacman only will install / update from the repos.

On a side note I recommend you to install SMPlayer, this way you have a good interface to use Mplayer. Mplayer by itself works great but it is keyboard control only if I recall correctly.

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Hmm … How come this link said: to use mplayer in gui mode , just run gmplayer instead of mplayer , But you said need to install SMPlayer ?
[Linux is NOT Windows]

I would like to know if this statement is true:
$pamac install = $pacman -Syu && $pacman -S ?

No. See man pamac and man pacman.

You can also use pamac <command> --help; i.e., pamac install --help.

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I have read through pamac install --help and man pamac … it didn’t mention anything about what pamac install does.
pamac install --help : Install packages from repositories , path or url.
It didn’t mention anything about update system…or what else it does apart from install package from repo…

Well, then there’s your answer. :wink: See also pacman update --help or pamac upgrade --help

I still don’t get it.

I was running pamac install , and pamac upgraded my whole system.
But in man pamac never mention that it does upgrade system first than install package…

This is not a big deal, but since it never mention that pamac will do upgrade first than install package (pamac don’t do partial update/ install)… Or is it that i miss something … or i don’t know how to use man/ help .

Hmm, you have a point there. Well, it does.


It does, if you enable the setting for in the Advanced Settings (not sure about the CLI but for sure the GUI has the setting for it so maybe it works for the CLI too).