Welcome and introduce yourself - 2023

Hi I’m John, probably like most of you I’ve been using Linux for many years, considering it the best solution available to me. I’m into programming, and I try to reach out to a variety of places on the web where you can not only get valuable information, but also share your experience.

Hello. I use Linux Mint on one laptop, and now Manjaro 22 on a desktop. I’m not a hacker, but I can follow terminal commands to fix issues.
I use Manjaro because it works with my usb interface for music production.

Hello, I come from the Raspberry/Arduino scene and installed Manjaro because I need a build host with rolling updates in the deb world and KDE Neon is messing around with the gtkmm-4.0 installation.

Welcome @Chartwalker! :vulcan_salute:

Then I’m afraid you’ve taken a wrong turn… Manjaro does not use .deb — it’s Arch-based, and we use ALPM with .tar.zst packages. :man_shrugging:

I’m assuming that the article is correct and that the deb to AUR direction works.

I still have to figure out how to do it the other way around without actually getting into a native deb system. That’s not really fun, not even the Ubuntu variants, because I’ve had problems with hardware detection a few times.

I have been working on OpenSuSE since SuSE 5.3 and Win7 and am testing on Win10 with Cygwin64 also for MinGW, because Cygwin no longer runs under Win7 and now Manjaro instead of KDE Neon - if it works there, it will certainly work on the other systems too BSD is intended to test whoever wants BSD.

So I only need it to create such debs and snaps remotely and everything is done via snap, because the Raspberry runs more with deb. Now there is the new gtk4mm and it works in Opensuse, but not stable in KDE Neon and I only installed that so that I didn’t have to constantly have problems with Kubuntu when updating kernels, where only half of the kernel modules were packed at the beginning. The sound doesn’t work, then the network card, then there’s a problem with printing.

I can build and test rpm packages with OpenSuse, and a rolling update is also available with Tumbleweed, BUT the handling with snap and dep in OpenSuse only works via painful detours (package alien, IMHO quite old-fashioned), because there is a rule hold the Yast with an iron hand.

Translation via DeepL — I don’t speak German, sorry… :arrow_down:

While it is sometimes possible to install packages for Debian-based systems via debtap — which is a tool from the AUR (“Arch User Repository”), and is supported by neither Manjaro nor Arch proper — this does not always work, and if your primary goal is to develop for Debian-based distributions, then I’m afraid you won’t be very successful doing this by way of Manjaro, nor can or will we offer any support for that.


Sorry, I didn’t immediately think of the English users - I translated it.

The best way seems to be via snap and then to all other packet packers, because I only have 4 test computers (Win10 Ulitmate, Win10 IoT, OpenSuse and Manjaro) where I can also run unstable packages for testing purposes and I have to operate them in such a way that I can do a lot cover with it. Win7 and OpenSuse are the productive systems. What stress I have with Emiclock alone to get it to work stably. Otherwise, after 2-3 hours “the watch is gone”. The new version runs stable under Win7.

Since Mint bit the Knoppix away from the market, I have had to worry about deb because of Debian-like systems with a large fan base.

This is an English-language forum, although we do have categories for other languages, including Deutsch. :wink:

Hello I’m Ed been using Manjaro KDE Plasma for 3 Years as a Distro, as it just works and so adaptable. Due to running a laser Engraving Business I needed a Distro which would run Propriety Applications like Lightburn and run all the drivers my Engraving Machines and Printers require with no issues. I do a lot of Digital Design, Branding, and produce a lot of Digital Content for my Business. So having access to so many FOSS Repositories is a must for me so love Manjaro.


{H1} Hi Team of FreeDOM.

I am using gladly Mjro since about 2014 - 2015 on all my PCs… You are doing great work - thx a lot.

[li] I am IT Man, not ,“CIA Man” by Fuga band :+),
[li] I am working for the best Polish security co…,
[li] I am software developer, devOPs, security and communication oficer and products delivery support,
[li] I am family, house and I have lucky mortage free,
[li] I am hand ball and volley ball player, sailor, swier and scuba driver,
[li] I am Local Communities Lider,
and so on and so on…

I am live in Gdańsk / Poland…

I hope that you welcome me warmly and I could help Manjaro Community paying debt of using Our OS for mamy years…

May someday we will meet and say Cheers for example in Gdańsk…

//Marcin M. vel jpSec


Hi, I am new to Linux and just installed on my older Alienware laptop. Running well at this time. Enjoying!

Hi there. I am George. I have used Linux since Slackware 2 or 3 I can’t remember exactly, and then tinkered with the RedHat variants for a while, and then Debian. For a while I didn’t use a PC just a Pi, and I thought that was fun. I used to know more but can’t seem to remember much these days, other than the vague feeling I have seen a problem before and occasionally a certainty that I used to know something. So it goes. I have been using Manjaro for a few years and most of the time I find it to be trouble free, which is great for me as I am no longer the tinker (or thinker) I once was. Cheers.


hello there, my name is Mohamed and I begun to taste Linux since my 14 years old, my first distribution was Ubuntu but as years went by, I have learned that it isn’t the only distro and others can be way better,
since my 17 years old, I was a big supporter of Windows, and when Windows 10 came out, I had a link to all Windows-related persons, even the head of Microsoft Tunisia, they all assured me that Windows 10 will be the last on the line, so you can imagine the shock I received when Windows 11 was announced, from that point in time I realized how wrong I was and that Microsoft is a very huge lies spreader, for that, I changed my mind to be more focused on security and privacy, so I had a choice: either to buy a Mac for many million dinars & more for repair and support or go back to using Linux but this time, not as a testing VM, but as an actual everyday OS, I stayed some time using Windows & doing many distro-hopping until I settled with Manjaro, though, I had a bad start, I was really fond on the AUR and my mistake was that I switched everything I could to AUR, that of course broke my system after the first update & I came back for nearly another year in Windows, until I picked up the courage to start over & install Manjaro a 2nd time, but this time I decided to avoid the AUR when possible, now it’s september 2023, I am 31 years old and I am with that version of Manjaro since nearly a year, I haven’t found any issues yet, on 2019 I graduated as a DevOps engineer so I am very comfortable with the terminal (if you don’t know, nearly all of the study years since 2011 included Linux especially from 2016 to 2019)
I always recommend Manjaro to those who use Linux but Tunisia has a majority of technology-illiterate people that are geniuses if they can play Minesweeper on Windows and their only link to Linux is their phones, if it’s not an iPhone

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Were you by any chance active on Usenet in the last two decades? I seem to remember your screen name from somewhere. :thinking:

Yep, absolutely. I predate Deja News. Usenet was the way to connect and get info. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, welcome to Manjaro then, and nice to see you again. :wink:

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Hello, My Name Is Tommy or Tj, whatever you want to call me even call me Tommy Tj or just call me Geno or Genocide, It’s Genocide means it is code because code is genocide, you can create it manipulate it to whatever i always thought that was a cool username and gamertags for myself except on PSN, anything bombs is not allowed due to voice chat and freaking the user out, but yeah i even go by SF-Rocker on gaiaonline.com is my favorite website to mingle and chat with folks across the world,i began as a kid learning visual basic 2006,2008,2010 and never learned c# but always wanted to now i am intrigued to buy me some PyQT5 and PYQT6 books on how to use PYQT Designer and implement code kind of like Visual Studio but for linux and only linux. i am happy to start up terminal during the day, even if its a snap or a FlatHub File i love to figure it out except for old school runescape i gave up on lag time with that one … anyway Nice to meet Eveeryone Greetings from Texas :smiley:

I’m Alice, a multi-OS user. I just switch to Manjaro as my daily driver recently because all other distros nuked my Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 sooooo bad (yup, that’s my most-used device). Audio issues with Ubuntu, GNOME issues in Raspbian, performance issues with Fedora, touch issues with Debian, but all fine here, except I have to make some little tricks when working with phosh.

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Hello everyone,
Llenlewag, adminsys and teacher from France. Must admit than I teach Debian to my students for servers. But I prefer Manjaro for my desktop : always up-to-date and AUR is a real advantage.
See you !

Good Day ish everybody.
Doug is the name, from the tiny little place called New Zealand.
Running Manjaro kde at this point with a small issue.
Try to work through,but last up date has stopped my second hard drive mounting…does anyone have advice…