Welcome and introduce yourself - 2022

Hello. I’m Eray, I’m 16 years old. Well I’ve been using Linux since 2017… I guess maybe earlier. I’ve been using Ubuntu then I wanted to try Arch Linux… but after failing to install that I simply gave up and installed Manjaro instead! I usually game on Windows but seeing how Linux gaming improved I actually game on Linux now since all of my games are working with it.


Man, I hope you really do.

hi. only real familiarization i had with linux was ubuntu and i had a friend from aus in high school who used arch.

now i’m heavily encouraged to try out manjaro

it’s like learning to drive stick for the first time. lots of stalling

thanks for the welcom


I’ve been a Manjaro user for six months now with the Xfce edition on a new Framework laptop. I’ve used various Linux distributions on and off since 2005. I previously used ArchBang as a daily driver between 2015 and 2017, and I enjoyed the minimalist, rolling release model without having to DIY everything in pure Arch. I’ve enjoyed the Manjaro experience so far, and just want to say thanks. I got hit with the erroneous Firefox update on the stable branch a couple days ago, and was happy to find the answer here right away.


Hello together,
I am working with Linux since 1999 (SuSE 6.3) :slightly_smiling_face: and I have tried out several distributions since than (Mint, Elementary, Zorin, Parrot and Kali). Looking for an “every-day” distribution as rolling-release, I finally decided on Manjaro and am very satisfied with it.

Greetings Thomas


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After 20 years using Windows I realize that they are fragile as glass in some point.
Now trying self educate how to use Manjaro.


Hi there, Im Marco, from Italy. Manjaro passionate!


Hey everyone!

Been using Manjaro for more than a year now!
During my initial distro-hopping, my primary experience was with Ubuntu/debian-based distros, which was okayish. + didn’t enjoy gnome much.
Then I came across Manjaro. Gotta say it’s been a great stepping stone into the world of Arch :star_struck:. Also my first shot at KDE!!
Loving the experience, the control and the customizability!

-A CS undergrad :nerd_face:


hello everybody and nice to meet you!

I’m was born in Italy as well. Which city you live in ?

I am Ash from UK. I have used Manjaro since 2019-20. I don’t have technical/ computer background but love the stability and speed of system. I did not participate much on forum as I won’t be able to contribute much.

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I got my first taste of Linux ages ago with Suse 6 or something but ditched windows about 8 months ago when building a new pc. For six months i run Pop! Os and due to some issues (or lack of knowledge on my side) i switched to Manjaro two months ago.

Michel (Netherlands)

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I’m a veteran user of Linux since around 2006 when I first started with OpenSUSE and Ubuntu but also learned Linux properly with Gentoo. Since then I’ve been on and off on Linux and mostly stuck to Windows since 2012 while using Ubuntu at work. Recently I’ve noticed a decline in the quality of Windows and an increase in the quality of Linux distros. I got a Pinebook Pro and was very impressed with the quality of Manjaro running on it, and I was also very bothered by how Windows was working on my Dell laptop, so I decided to format it with Manjaro too. I am very impressed! I think I’ll stick to this

Nice to meet you all and I hope I can contirbute with some help from my side to this forum.

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Hi there, Tino here.

Been using archlinux for about 7 years. Decided to switch. Currently running manjaro-i3-minimal on entry level Asus gaming laptop as a test. Seems to be running smoothly so far.

We will chat.

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This feels ominous…I can’t help but feel threatened :fearful:

I have been struggling with various flavours of Linux without gaining any true understanding since 2012. I look forward to using this forum to blindly cut and paste commands into my terminal. :wink:
I am now located in New Zealand, stumbling thorough and electrical engineering degree.



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Hi everyone,

I am Hans and using Linux as my main driver for over 15 years and I just decided to install Manjaro after being a (K)ubuntu user for years. Mainly because of the non-voluntary push to snap by Canonical.

Before that I played around with different distro’s like RedHat, slackware and Suse but stayed at Windows during that time.

I am in IT for over 30 years and into networking since '99 so you can say I am an old vet.
Using KVM/Qemu/GNS3 to emulate networking devices like Cisco IOS-XE/XR, Nexus, ASA, etc.

I look forward to learn new insights into Manjaro.

Kind regards,
Hans Combee


Hi. I’m new to the forums, but I just came to the realization that I have been using Manjaro since windows 10 came out and I wanted to say thanks for making such a great OS. I very rarely have to boot into windows, and every other Linux OS I try doesn’t come close to the stability and ease of use of Manjaro. Great job and keep up the good work.



Hello everyone! I’m Joe, pretty new to the Linux scene. After watching a few videos and spending my weekend trying different distributions I found manjaro to be pretty cool.

cisco networking, gaming, with many other hobbies… I hope to learn a lot more about Linux and use as a daily rather than W11 (blahhh!!)

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